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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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My wishes:

Crusader Heavy Cavalry in the style just introduced in Bones III. 

14628: Darkrime Drake

14505: Brood of Payanak, Reptus Cavalry

14253: Khamsin Lancer, Nefsokar Adep

14255: Khamsin Archer, Nefsokar Adept

14252: Khamsin Raiders, Nefsokar Adept

02357: Highlander Cavalry

14375: Volendria, Mounted Female Archer

14568: Bata, Beetle Rider Captain

14548: Bloodstone Gnome Beetle Lancer

14260: Bile the Wyvern,Overlords Monster

02239: Mia Hartstorm 


Thank You

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Female Storm Giant using the new larger giant scale.

Male Storm Giant using the new larger giant scale.

Female Cloud Giant using the new larger giant scale.

Male Cloud Giant using the new larger giant scale.

Female Hill Giant.

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The gem dragons: amethyst, crystal, emerald, sapphire and topaz. All in the appropriate colored translucent bonesium of course. Also, skeletal cavalry.


This is my number one request. Even one gem dragon in clear that could be painted as we wish. I am happy for the clear dragon just added to the KS3 (and will buy it) but it doesn't really have the gem dragon look.


-Crystal dragon




-Roc/Giant Eagle (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/giant%20eagle/sku-down/14086)

-Shoatima (please it's the coolest mini everrrrrr)

-Gogglers (https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/fish/sku-down/02977)

-This set of beastmen (https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/antler/sku-down/02900) (Although I would understand if you didn't after all the werepeople you gave us this time - SO HAPPY about that.)

-Pretty much all the familiar sets would be nice

-Some pathfinder-style lamia (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/monstrous-humanoids/lamia)



Feline centaurs (Felinaurs?) because it's pretty unusual.

Pathfinder lamia - woman torso, lion body
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Yephima, sized up to New Giant Scale. ^_^


Male & Female Storm giants in NGS.

Female hill giants in NGS.


God-sized, single-headed, platinum dragon. (yes, I know, who's to say WHAT colour we paint him... it was just a reference so you'd know WHO I was speaking of :;): )

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06051: Anhurian Command

02346: Anhurian Cavalryman


02082: King Angus Stormhand

02083: Queen Shanon Stormhand

02087: Brother Louis IV

14230: Sir Daman,Crusaders Hero

14231: Templar Heavy Cavalry, Crusaders Adept

14440: Vincente, Onyx Chevalier Captain

03301: Sir Titus, Guardian Knight

06036: Templar Knights

06022: Men At Arms

06019: Black Legionnaires

06055: Men at Arms, Malvernis


02056: Dragoth The Defiler

02068: Lucrella Lich Queen

02310: St Tarkus, Dire-dead

14171: Gadrun, Necropolis Sergeant

03357: Golgoth the Ancient, Skeletal Knight


02093: Van Storme, Vampire

02107: Siobhana Of Weissburg

03042: Morrdha, Vampire Noble

02866: Ivan, Vampire Wizard

14180: Tharian, Necropolis Mage

14186: Lord Vandrian, Necropolis Solo

02856: Usher, Vampire w/ Victim

02632: Jahenna, Vampire

02136: Rafael Maladoni

06130: Crimson Knights, Necropolis Adept


02740: Mummy King on Throne

14081: Netikerti, Nefsokar Mage

14243: Sokar's Disciple, Nefsokar Mage

02885: Khalith, Mummy Lord

02507: Khalith, Mummy King

14256: Sphinx, Nefsokar Monster

02767: Urn of Ashes

06059: Mummy Tomb Guardians


14257: Sokar's Avatar, Nefsokar Solo

02733: Egyptian Statue Bast

14241: Thoth, Nefsokar Cleric

14381: Nefsokar Devourer of Ammat

02928: Sobek Statue

03089: Egyptian Statue: Horus

06138: Anubis Guard, Nefsokar Grunt

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Chthonian worms (I want them for Wystes but whatever..)

Hobgoblins in more traditional armor



any pirate models that haven't been done in Bones yet and the Dark Maiden (with the ship not the weird pieces of wood)

Winged hydra or 3-headed dragon.. either way (it's for a pre-made module for DnD)

Umber Hulk

Megaraptor pack

properly sized Cloaker

more Mind Flayers

Scorpion Men (scorrow)

Warforged adventurers

more Golems (preferably variations of the more common ones in case we need 2 stone golems at a time etc)

scoundrel type classes (bards, rogues, etc)

younger magic users

Snakemen (yuan-ti half and pure)

more variants of the eye tyrant (beholder), especially armoured, younger (or Gauth), and big fat elders..

Necropolis Crypt Bats


Also, we have great Orc, Gnoll, Ogre, Lizard, Goblin, Bugbear, and Kobold general purpose.. I mean.. really really awesome, but a lot of adventures require warlords, magic users, etc. We kinda have this with Kobolds and Goblins and really with the others but I'd like to see magic users and/or clerics or shamans for the ones that don't have them and leaders that really look like a leader more than maybe just a sergeant or whatever.


Really can't get enough civillians/villagers/townsfolk, human and non.. even the more civilized monsters like above could use some NPC types.



Pretty much everything I've mentioned here is stuff I've been searching for so I can run these WoTC modules for DnD. I have options for a lot of this stuff but a lot of it would be great to see in bones.

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