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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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1) Roc (giant bird)

2) Witch/Hag, inspired by European fairytales like Hansel and Gretel 

3) Younger male spellcasters, including druids 

4) Elderly female spellcasters, to go with all the Gandalf types we got so far (not every female magician will constantly cast 'eternal youth' on herself while studying for 300 years)


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13 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

I want to see more war animals with rider.  A hawk with a rider?  Another dragon with a rider? Maybe sabretooth tigers? A snake?



And please make the animals and riders separate! So we can swap riders and animals.

Also...Not just Humans or Goblin Riders, but also Undead, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves and Lizardmen riders.


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Thirded on the war animal mounts. I would love to see large bears, rams, stags. Warhorses that have basic barding (not 5,000 skulls and spikes) would be fantastic.


For the rest of my list -



  Variations of were-creatures with different armor types. 

  Gargoyles that take their inspiration from the old Disney show.

  Centaurs that take their inspiration from the Shining Force series (i.e. armored knight human top half, unbarded/barded horse lower half). 

  Upsized versions of the Clay Golem, Stone Golem and the Golden Guardian to Giant sized. 

  More companion animals - War dogs, Wolves, Panthers, Eagles, Alligator.

  Tre Manor Ogre and Orc sculpts.

   A Fantasy themed Sledgehammer- sized artillery piece.


Sci - Fi:

    More IMEF, basic troops and ones with more armor and crazier weapons. Some more Blackstar Corsairs too.

    More aliens.

    Space civilians - alien merchants, traders, workers, etc.

    Giant walkers/cyborgs/mechs.

    Weapons Platforms - basically a surface that has wheels/treads/hoverjets where we can put something on top - communications array, cannons, missiles, angry robots. 

    Another collaboration with Victoria Miniatures to make..well, anything! A tank, a flyer, an APC. Kicking myself for not picking up the Sledgehammer but am getting one at retail.




      Wagons and carts, boats, an airship, a train - I think given how Bones seems to get better the larger the model, this could work.

      An Inn or Tavern as terrain.





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On ‎4‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 10:25 AM, Kennet said:



      Wagons and carts, boats, an airship, a train - I think given how Bones seems to get better the larger the model, this could work.

      An Inn or Tavern as terrain.

A Train!  An engine with say 3 cars (cargo, passenger, sleeper cars which could later be sold separately.)  Only issue is it might need to be slightly larger to accommodate miniature movement....all with removable roofs

The way things are going Bones 4 is going to be more terrain than minis...

Dragon, demon, and giant bones....skulls etc...

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Folded wings. Feathered, bat-style, and even furry wings. But folded, so the mini doesn't take up too much space and in bones so the weight of the wings doesn't make it fall over backwards.

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1.  Golems.   Not just faceless stone guys but rune carved giants, Dragon Golems, Parts of fortresses as a Golem, Spare Part Frankenstein Golem,  Ice Golems, a Golem made of swords and axes hammered together, Golem mounts with archers on their backs or a wizard on a throne for a head, Golem's with Seige Weapons such as ballisa, or Battering rams.

2  Animal Constucts, like Elephants, Dragons, Sharks, Snakes, Rhinos, Lions, Griffons, all seemingly made of bricks, or wood, or metal.

3.  Lastly Creatures made of elemental materials,  Fire Wolves, Ice cats,  Water Horses, Lightning Birds,  Lava Crab.  Elemental's trying to look like an animal but not changing their nature and becoming even more otherworldly.


Most of these things I like because the way they look could tell a small story that could be very interesting just to look at.  Could one be built to guard a wizard that haphazardly piles books on it while it follows him/her around for protection?  Could another be an Egyptian priestess' rocklike sphinx mount, or an elemental trying and failing to disguise its true nature as it first explores a new environment?   Golems have the advantage to not be formed through nature but because somebody wants them that way and it leads to an image that can pose questions rather than most fantasy characters that are more declaritive like; Female Cleric, Male Wizard, Undead Dragon.  While interesting there is not much more than what you see.

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  • I'm sure someone has already said this, but I'd like more different types of large-sized spiders (sized to fit on a 2" base)
  • Bones versions of 14210: Goblin Beastrider, Reven Capt. and 14189: Goblin Beast Rider, Reven Adept
    (I love those sculpts)
  • A Bones version of 03069: Hooked Hulk
    (I want to be able to field 4 or 5 not-Umber Hulks for D&D and the metal minis are too expensive)
  • A Bones version of 03243: Swamp Shambler
  • A Bones version of 60159: Jolistina Susperio
    (Because vampire clowns are awesome!)
  • A Bones version of 03322: Efreeti Emir
  • Additional sculpts for humanoid monster races from previous Kickstarters, such as the Beastmen and Spikeshells. Ideally, I want at least four different sculpts of things like these, so I can create decent-sized encounters
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I'm currently following the Gloomhaven KS, and, on BGG, there's a demand for miniatures to replace the standees for the game. (Is Bree on the Reaper forums?)


* spoilers for the GH backers *


I think this would be a great opportunity for Reaper to tap into the boardgaming market. GH has about 30 monsters sculpts, and 13 boss sculpts. The Boss monsters are unique, but the monsters have 4-10 copies of each. In other words, the cost to create these miniatures is low relative to the number of miniatures sold to replace the standees. Many of the miniatures, such as Bandits Guard, Bandit Archer, City Guard, and City Archer have Bones proxies that have already been made. The miniatures could be sold as a Boss set, and a Monster set (each Monster set contains half the monster miniatures you need to replace the standees) to reduce cash flow issues. The game also has tokens for chests, which are already available in Bones. A GH Bones KS would start by selling enough miniatures so that a boardgamer could replace his entire set, but the SG's would include adding familiars to replace the familiar tokens, 3D terrain of chests et al. to replace their tokens, replacing the sculpts with sculpts more accurately reflecting the artwork, etc. For the list of monsters and bosses, as well as contact information for Gloomhaven, see this link. The creator is not interested in producing miniatures himself, but has an opinion about miniatures in games, so may or may not be interested. See the links for the monsters and bosses, his opinion on miniatures, and contact information. 


EDIT: Since someone's going to ask it, this hypothetical Gloomhaven Bones KS would *not* be part of Bones IV.





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