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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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I want these!!!

02638: Adventuring Accessories



We've got weapons... but I can't count the number of backpacks and torches and general gear I've wanted added to random characters!! Something like this would, I would buy a couple sets of those!!


03232 hats and Helmets



Nothing changes average fighter to a swashbuckler like a new hat!! I've juryrigged one a time or two, but as easy as Bones is to cut and modify... I really want more of the conversion kits!!  Shields, instruments, spellbooks... things of that nature to glue on and give a character a personalized tough.

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More demon lords, like a certain two-headed ape creature who recently appeared on a popular Netflix show. 


The lords of oozes and of gnolls would be cool. Nephal, as mentioned above.


Also another eyebeast that would be more appropriate on a 2" base.

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I would like to see more things like Mashaaf, purely original creative strange creative things, not so much revamps of various monsters from bestiaries. When I run games I tend to reskin creatures (change their appearance keep the stats) so veteran players do not go into troll killing mode when it is described to them.


My list

-A collection of evil looking creatures that could either be demons, aberrations, insectoid race, non-zergs, Alien (xenomorph) or whatever. Something that spans the size categories from small to huge. 

-Planar stuff; sure there are pit fiends in the Nine Hells, but what about the other things there? Contract devils, tormented souls, people being tortured, ferrymen. Many of these planes have naturally occurring wildlife; Hell Penguins, Abyssal Songbirds (they just scream), celestial sheep, mechanical rats, shadow plane tigers.

-Young adventurers (supporting the previous post)

-Different types of undead (supporting the previous post)

-Non-Beholder monsters of all shapes and sizes (supporting the previous post)

-Wagon, war-wagon, Carts, pulled by ox, horse, donkey (every game the PCs get one and it becomes a random object that minis are placed on to move about)

-Golems of all shapes, sizes, types

-Musicians, bards, opera singer, etc...

-Heroes with different weapon choices, minis tend to favor swords, axes, and clubs; maybe more polearms, whips, hammers, throwing spears, Sling & Shield combos, throwing rock

-front line add on set, line of shield-wall warriors with short swords, behind them a line of warriors with short spears, and behind them legit Pikemen (I would buy several sets)

-non-combat stance minis, favorite character mini from bones 2 was 03205: Friar Stone, there was just personality in the mini I really enjoyed

-add-on choices of boats useable at the table (i.e. Viking ships with flat bottoms that will fit two minis abreast without issue)


I like where Reaper was going with Bones 3 with dividing up the add-ons by theme, I hope they continue that. Honestly I have no use for the space marines, alien tech, steam punk, or characters with guns (except the nun, love that nun). Not being a hater, I totally know they are there for a reason, other people love them and I am not advocating they not be included. It is just after Bones 2 there was a pile of minis I gave away, and I see some Bones 3 minis I will also be giving away. It would be great if those minis were an extra add-on buy since it appears the bulk of the supports are here for the high fantasy component. I know it is such a small part of the overall bulk of minis, but I figure it would free up that space for other minis that people in my boat would get use from.


And thank you Reaper for doing this! I appreciate how you actually use and value customer feedback and requests.

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Any kind of dungeon/tavern/village dressing

Adventurer accessories

Civilians for medieval/fantasy 

Civilians for modern

Civilians for Sci fi

Any dinosaurs (hopefully if updated, only the ones that actually did have feathers (not all did))

Boats/viking ship (totally stole that from the above post!)

Spell effects

Ordinary animals (modern and prehistoric)

Any Nightmares/demonic steeds

Any vampires

Any demons (Yeah I know we have lots of demons and vamps but meh, i'm a sucker for em)


Roman, Norse or Greek styled heroes and infantry

Airships or Spelljammer ships

Unusual pc races like firbolgs


When in doubt checking the current and recent campaigns from WotC and Paizo would probably provide some popular ideas. Anything which could be used in Storm King's Thunder or Volo's for example, less any protectable ideas of course.


I would also like to see the transluscent stuff done in lighter shades. The Orange fire for example was unable to have other tones/shading added to it. If it was yellow, orange inks could have been used.


Edit: Dire tyrannosaurus/giganotosaurus/spinosaur..

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27 minutes ago, The Daft Hatter said:

I want to see more translucent Bones minis, they're cool. Terrain especially, I haven't seen anything like that from other companies.


A Translucent Ghost Castle!!!!


A Cloud Castle!!!

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