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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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Things I'd like to see:  herd animals.  Like, grazing horses, cows, bison, deer, elk, that sort of thing.  Just the kind of things you'd find in an outdoor adventure.  Some more normal Animal Companions, like ferrets, housecats, bats.  Superheroic figs - there aren't enough caped crusading figs out there.  More porters - like, the hirelings you bring into the dungeon to carry your 10' poles and so forth.  Basically guys with giant backpacks who walk along behind the PC's, or the loin-cloth wearing fellows with the giant baskets on their heads in the old Tarzan movies.  More sci-fi figs wearing uniforms instead of giant space armor with huge BFG's - understanding that Star Trek is a licensed property, I'm sure you could have ST-like figs with just enough generic to avoid trademark issues.  Monkeys and gorillas - because everything is better with monkeys. 


Finally, a suggestion for Bones IV (and I haven't read the 46 pages here to know if it's been suggested) - Set up Waves just for ROW folks, and maybe Canadians too.  If you're going to hub-ship their Bones, they ought to have their own Waves - it'll help everyone keep track of shipping when fulfillment rolls around.  Like, "We're shipping Asia/Australia now!" 


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List updated 5-28-2017  New additions in bold


Ok guess I will have to do my list over as I cant find it on my computer.  Since Bones 4 is coming soon.  I want to give time for Reaper to plan ahead to meet my demands. 
1. Tieflings male and female (People who say Dragonman and hellborn...just shush)

2. Dragonborn male and female (to man a note.  Reptus minis don't count Looking for guys along the lines of this Dragonman and NOT this Dragonman who looks like a chicken...
3. Lizardfolk - That are armored and not savage caveman types.

4. Various townfolk - One can use some noble hostages or an old crone

5. Hill Giants - male and female I'm hopeing for a size increase and a redesign.  I like the pot belly giants. 

6. Storm Giants - Male and female Don't think these were done I like D&D's take on them with a roman style armor to them. 

7. Golems/clockworks - Any shape any size really. 

8. Colossal Iron golem - I'm thinking something perhaps the size of Kahnjira.  Perhaps a bit smaller

9. Giant Ants - I really need someone to do these.  Larva, Workers, Soldiers, King and Queen.  medium, Medium, Large, Huge...

10. Wasps - Same as ants

11. Half-orcs  - male and female
12. Akuma  - Street fighter...(yes I know wizkids has one but I want one to paint)

13.  Zerglings, hydralisk, Zealots  Just because

14.  More wizards that are not old men. 

15. Undead everything Zombie/Skeleton versions....Animals, Giants, Orcs, Goblins, Yuan-Ti  (small, medium, large and huge size)

16. Huge sized giant crab

17. Dire animals, Lions, Tigers and bears oh yea! 

18. Huge sized Elementals!  (air elemental could double as tornado terrain....)

19. Elven and Dwarven Army troops from warlord. Examples: Vale Warriors, Elven Royal guard, Shield Maidens, Dwarf Swiftaxes, Dwarf piercers.  Using those sculpts or all new ones is up to you. 
20. Arabian Nights-inspired heroes and villains

21. More Asian (especially Chinese) swordsmen and -women, sorcerers, assassins, and any heroes and villains one might see in a Kung Fu movie

22. Wyvern

23. Ba ha not (not Bahamut)  really big 1 headed dragon

24. Colossal Clockwork Dragon - I know we have one sort of but I'm talking bigger at least Kahnjira size

25. Not Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentin, Barry burton, Tyrant, Nemesis, Hunter, Licker,  any else "Not" Resident Evil...(  No Leon though Eff that guy)

Terrain terrain terrain!  (I would also say if possible to test the height of said furniture against dwarven forges CBS.  To make sure they fit so you can stack stuff.)
1.  warship - multi floored so we could unstack them and maneuver minis inside
2.  airship - same as war ship though I'm aware that these could be interchangeable. 
3. Various furniture,  (Medieval/ Victorian couches chairs, and such that look fancy.) 

4 Steam punk style Dwarven Tank...

5. Cannons (smaller ones)

6. Giant weapons (to mod our larger miniatures)

7. More weapons perhaps themed to each race (elf, dwarf, human, etc )

8 catapult, springald, ballista, battering ram anything else that fits in a medieval siege weapon category

9.Wizad lab, Crystal ball.  (You know that one you already have with the dragon claw)

10. Wings and other creature parts for modding.  Adding giant ones too to mod larger minis

11. A hedge wall about 2" high with various straight, curve and corner pieces to make a hedge maze. 

12. Star gate like portal

13. Firearms, such as muskets and blunderbusses

14. Hive terrain like bug eggs etc...nothing too fancy.
15. Terrain specific to race.  Example: a Dwarven Forge, Elven ruins, Dragon ruins,
16. Barricades, themed to each race: Elf, Orc, Dwarf etc....

17. Ziggurat

18. Mimic Gazebo or regular one

19. A Train!  An engine with say 3 cars (cargo, passenger, sleeper cars)

20. Levers
21. Ships wheel to mount on walls or use as a standalone item must like a lever.

22. A "battle wagon"* as a traveling headquarters; maybe several varieties with platforms for the driver(s) and archers

23. Traps, Spike pit, spear wall, spiked cylinder that rolls down hall ways...

24. Clear plastic see through force walls that could be used bridges or walls and cut into different sizes (could be fantasy or scifi)

25. Trees, Bushes, hegdes,

26.  Vehicles.  Cars, bikes, Wrecked versions.  Modern and Sci-fi.  Look to Corvus Belli for inspiration.  I really like their designs for bikes.

Starfinder:  Sci-fi RPG from Paizo
Anything and everything that could be used

I would like to point out that not all these ideas are mine.  They are the ones I like.

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Units Made for WAR!!!  (Imagine an Orc voice "WAR!!!)


1. Mounted figures of all types, Humans on Horses, and camels

2. Elves on big cats,

3. Dwarves on Bears and Mountian goats,

4. Halflings on Warthogs and Dogs,

5. A fairy riding a cat maybe,

6. More people riding Giant figs like kyra and Lavarath,

7. Hrolfgad Loftsaddle the Dwarf Griffon rider,

8. Eagle riders maybe in an attack pose with talons outstretched and a lance with the rider,

9. Dragon riders,

10. a NotSandworm rider

11. Wyvern riders,

12. People riding Giant insects like beetles and Bee's

13. A Giant Tarantula or Scorpion Battlewagon unit with several figs on it and maybe a catapult or Ballista Maybe even a Roman Scorpion ;) 

14. Goblins in crazy little carts while wearing goggles

15. Orcs on Sabre toothed cats and Wargs

16. Carriages and wagons 

17. Valkyries on Winged Horses,

18. Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs and Elves in respective magic powered armor, Dwarves In metal plated walkers, goblins in unweildly wooden Seige Towers covered in spikes, Orcs in Dragon Scale Plated Bone armor, Elves in Evil Tree armor.

19. Mermen riding Dolphins with Harpoons out like lances,

20. Seige weapons of all typesPeople wearing Barbaric animal skins with the head as a hat to denote their tribes, Wolf Tribe, Bear Tribe, Anubis .. I mean Jackal Tribe, Eagle Tribe.

21. Triceratops riders

22. Tyrannosaur riders

23. Raptor Riders

24. Stegosaurs with side mounted riders

25. War Elephants

26. War Mammoths

27. People wearing Barbaric animal skins with the head as a hat to denote their tribes, Wolf Tribe, Bear Tribe, Anubis .. I mean Jackal Tribe, Eagle Tribe.

28. Rhino Riders

29. Giant Sea Horse riders

30. Unicorns and Pegasus

31. Mermaids and Selkies

32. Shark Riders

33. Pteranodon Rider

34. The Kraken

35. Various Gods of Ancient Pantheons Zeus, Hephaestus, Thor, Odin, Hel, Hulk (How did he slip in there?), Shiva, Brahma, Durga, Ganesh, Anubis, Set, Osirus, Thoth, Ra, Hou-Yi, Menshen, Guan-Yu, Sun-Wukong...  Ok I need to stop.

36. Other cultures Dragons, Japanese, Chinese and, South American (Feathered Serpent)

37. Seige weapons of all types

38. Pheonix and Thunderbird

39. Neandertals, and the Missing Link

40. Wing mods for figures.


Ok enough for now back to work.          Oops messed up the end

41. Steam punk stuff!!!!


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Seriously would love these BEFORE Bones 4 delivery, but if they even made it into Bones 4 that would still be epic!

Please, please please include the Dragonman Conversion kit and all of the rest of the wing conversion kits? Will be greatly appreciated!



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There's not much I really need right now, mini-wise, but I'm always a sucker for more Undead. If Bones IV includes any, I'm in for sure. I'm likely in for a little bit of this and that anyway, honestly, but I need to be a bit more budget minded, and the things I will always need more of are Undead and Ratmen.

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I'd really love to see deities from the Norse pantheon.  Actually, deities in general.  Hellenic Gods, Roman Gods (same difference I know, but stylistically they could be different) Egyptian Gods, Hindu Gods, Japanese Oni and Kami. Respectfully of course, but still looking awesome!  Polytheistic religions are so fascinating and it would be really cool to present them in mini form. Creatures from folklore are also a great way to go!  Id love to see your take on draugur or huldufólk.

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Fantasy Figures

  • Halfling dog rider
  • Roc, maybe able to hold a separate elephant mini
  • translucent spell effects, like the weapons
  • dragon age-esque characters
  • royal family or kings/queens from different races
  • Flying insect swarm

Modern Figures

  • modern elite soldiers
  • modern vampires
  • Bomb disposal robot
  • Modern civilians - scientist, business executive, blue collar worker


  • draft horses
  • oxen
  • llama with removable pack saddle
  • riding dog
  • modern police/military dog
  • large stag
  • elephant


  • Throne
  • large coin pile (maybe odd shaped but able to tile with itself to make really big piles)
  • Alchemical apparatus
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Going over my bones 3 haul and what to paint next, ideas for a few things I still want available in bones popped in my head:

Various dragon people (77214 Kar Drakir and 77060 Dragonman Warrior are a good start, but more variety would be cool)-- and saurians/dinosaur people (ala the Savage Avatars from Bones 3)
Constructs/clockworks/golems suitable for player character use
Heroic/adventurer-type goliaths/half-ogres/half-giants etc.
More barbarian/warrior-druid types-- furs and hides, stone and wood weapons
More monks and asian warriors, either unarmed or with crazy weapons (meteor hammer, tetsubo etc)
And weapon sprues to facilitate conversions for the two previous requests: maybe Armory of the Wild and Armory of the East?

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On 5/31/2017 at 4:04 PM, OneBoot said:

Wrapped up corpses or mummies, suitable for placing into a coffin or sarcophagus.



--OneBoot :D

Yes please!!


Including maybe corpses in torture devices like gibbets? Also empty gibbets!!

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