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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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I'd like to second the idea of the rest of the villagers/townsfolk that exist in metal going to bones. Bones is super easy to convert; one could probably populate a modest sized village with conversions of a lot of the villager figures.

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Oh, Giralon (four armed apes). Would really like to see 2 or 3 poses of them and I think they would be great for the core set the same way we had ogres and yetis this time.

Salamanders (fiery/spiny half snake types, usually with some kind of polearms) as well if I didn't mention them. I know most people might be like "well you already asked for yuan-ti" but yeah.. Salamanders would be very welcome.



Spiders in clear bones to be used as glass, ice, or otherwise transparent spiders. Perhaps a clutch of eggs done in this way too.

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I wanna Bones Tarrasque big enough to put in a cage match with a toddler, and with a detachable hinged lower jaw big enough that all the Pathfinder Iconics could stand in it.


And I wannit so spiky and evil looking, I could pick it up by the tail and rob a liquor store with it!

So, I dunno, maybe call Jason Wiebe?

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I had this evil idea..


A bunch of cheap Bones, which I won't paint anyway.


Cut off the heads, put them on stakes and make a creepy piece of terrain for my Undead.

Oh joy... The versatility of Bones.


As for what I want,.. A hearse to go with the new graveyard terrain from Bones III.


And I still want big prehistoric animals. Mammals and Sea Creatures please.

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A wishlist plea for you to find,

Transparent wing bitz of all kinds:

Feather, leather, insect, fairy

Twisted, normal, bright and scary

Leafy, petal, web, and torn

Bone, armored, clockwork, thorn

Coral, fin, shale and shell,

So we can mod Bones to our will!


Instrument sprue!

Adventuring gear

Heads, male and female, human, elf, dwarf, orc, ogre, cyclops

More heads: fox, wolf, snake, eagle/hawk/raptor, lizard/dragon, ibis, jackal, vulture, cat/lion/lioness

Tails: fox, wolf, feline, reptile, birdfeathers

Legs: dog hind, cat hind, bird, dragon, snakebody

Transparent/Clear Spell Effects


Sea Dragon

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