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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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1  Dinosaur Knights of different types, not just human knights on an Allosaurus,

2 some goblins riding a pteranadon with a small bow and pouches of arrows,

3  some Dwarves riding an armored Triceratops with a Huge turreted crossbow,

4  Elves riding feathered velociraptors with lances forward and feathered cloaks and armbands,

5  A skeletal Tyrannosaurus ridden by a Lich in a high backed chair, 

6. A brachiosaurus with a small wooden house and a bunch of hobbits with slings on it and a small staircase on its tail,

7. Orcs with axes standing on some small platforms balanced with ropes on both sides of a Stegosauriod with some reins leading to each side and the head and neck protected with an orcish helmet,

8.  A Lizard man with small attack raptors attached to leashes, 

9. Giants riding Dinosaurs like they were horses

10. Mermen buckled to a Mosasaur with some armored plates at various points of its body,

11. Horned Monster men on a small stake fort built on the back of an anklyosauriod

12. Kobolds Riding a Pachycephalosaurus armed with hooks, and hammers to follow up on its ramming attacks. 

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11 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

It's the same robot.


My mistake.  I thought the robot in Forbidden Planet was "Robby the Robot."




Hey, look, it says "Robby, the Robot."


... as opposed to pictures I find of the Lost in Space robot, who looks more like this:




Is it the same robot?  Then wow.  But if you made miniatures of them, they'd still look a bit different somehow.


Oh, and here's a nice line-up:



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found another picture
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a Fantastic Familiars pack containing items like:

tiny/baby dinosaurs

hatching dragon egg


fairie dragon/pseudodragon/house drake


hoop snake

ball-tailed cat

mimic shaped like a toothy book


mounts of various non-horse types such as:






big cats



chickens. just... chickens. guy holding a chicken, random chicken, nesting chicken, chicken sitting on some dude's head... the Baga Yaga hut demands chickens, especially Chicken Sitting on Roof

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AndyAleman asked in the Bones IV Thread:


"Reaper Bones #77060 is a Dragonman warrior. Could you please make 5 or 6 Dragonman heroes of other classes? Can we get a Dragonman Ranger or Wizard?"


I would like to echo this. Dragon-people have become a very popular character choice in RPGs and, aside from or two warrior sculpts, we're often forced to use lizard-person minis, which really aren't up to snuff. More dragon people of various professions would be very welcome!!!

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6 hours ago, Darsc Zacal said:

My apologies. While Robby made appearances on Lost in Space, he was not the main robot.

Memories from ones childhood are not always accurate.

However, Robby was featured in a few episodes of twilight zone and his appearance resume is huge:)


I'd love both robots as some new bones:)

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Mounted animals other than horses. Lizards, Dragons , birds, Dinos ........ with a variety of different riders. 



Corpses. Dead people, animals, monsters ......

More weapon and conversion bits. Not necessarily fancy weapons. Standard basic weapons would be nice.


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