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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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On 7/20/2017 at 4:41 PM, Ratmaster2000 said:

Any chance of Stay Puft Marshmallow man and slimer from Ghostbusters:) The Ghostbusters would be cool too, but probably licensing would be a bear :( I am sure reaper can mod the marshmallow and slimer enough to get around issues:)


If you want to recreate Ghostbusters, I'd recommend checking out various versions of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man banks.  The 11" version runs somewhere from $20-$30, depending.  I've seen it in my friendly local game store, and briefly in a local toy store, in "regular" and "roasted" versions.  I've seen ads for a 24" version, but the prices for those are ridiculous, ranging around $100 or so.  If I felt the need for a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, I'd opt for the smaller one and either just urge the players to use their imaginations, or else switch to N-scale/Micro Machines-scale vehicular action for any fight scenes requiring the Big Guy on the table, OR come up with some scenario excuse to explain why he's not quite big enough to tangle with the Statue of Liberty this time around.


As for Slimer (or Ghostbusters ghosts in general), the Cryptozoic Ghostbusters Board Game seems the natural way to go.


Of course, I would still be delighted if Reaper put out some "ghost exterminators" or just some characters (male and female) in baggy utility suits that could just HAPPEN to serve nicely as bases for custom modification into Ghostbuster look-alikes, in case I want to kit-bash my own, but if you want things that look EXPRESSLY like recognizable specific characters from the movies at something approaching 28-32mm scale, that's probably already well covered.

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I'm all about embracing the modification side of Bones through the healing power of sprues.  So I'd like the following

  • Sprues of wings, ideally transparent so they can be used by faeries.  Small to human sized ones would likely suffice, given larger winged models should come with their own.  Bat wings, bird wings, demon wings, angel wings, insect wings, skeletal wings, wings of fire, wings of flame
  • Sprues of limbs.  Humanoid, Insectoid, Robotic, Steam-Powered, Goblinoid, T-Rexiod.  I want to be able to field a Sir Forscale with tiny T-Rex goblin arms sprouting from his chest.
  • Sprues of horns.  tiny little demon nubs, full on ram / bulls / stag horns, insect feelers
  • Sprues of heads so that you can make units appear less uniform.  This would probably be best suited to figures designed for mass employment - goblin heads, kobold heads, orc heads, bugbear heads, lizard men heads, gnoll heads - that sort of thing.  Wouldn't be opposed to human & demihuman head sprues as well.
  • Sprues of tools.  Hammers, wrenches, spanners, screwdrivers, saws, tongs, that sort of thing
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11 hours ago, Citrine said:

I am surprised the giant crocodiles are not in bones yet.  Especially the one in the now discontinued lead line.


Giant crocodiles!


Also, a good, old fashioned, mundane crocodile (useful for both historical adventures and as babies for the giant mama-dile).

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I'd like to see spell effects props: the idea a few posts ago for walls (wall of stone/iron/fire/ice) would be good ones, in 2" increments like the spells use. Flaming Sphere, Spiritual Weapon... things like that.


I'd also like to see some more of the mounted figures done up in Bones. And I'd like to see the existing gargoyle sculpts they have in metal moved over to bones.

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The now discontinued DHL elementals and the lesser elemental pack would make for splendid Bones figures. I like elementals. And they don't often need thin precise parts; the blobbiness is good for the plastic.

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List updated 7-24-2017  New additions in bold


Ok guess I will have to do my list over as I cant find it on my computer.  Since Bones 4 is coming soon.  I want to give time for Reaper to plan ahead to meet my demands. 
1. Tieflings male and female (People who say Dragonman and hellborn...just shush)

2. Dragonborn male and female (to man a note.  Reptus minis don't count Looking for guys along the lines of this Dragonman and NOT this Dragonman who looks like a chicken...
3. Lizardfolk - That are armored and not savage caveman types.

4. Various townfolk - One can use some noble hostages or an old crone

5. Hill Giants - male and female I'm hopeing for a size increase and a redesign.  I like the pot belly giants. 

6. Storm Giants - Male and female Don't think these were done I like D&D's take on them with a roman style armor to them. 

7. Golems/clockworks - Any shape any size really. 

8. Colossal Iron golem - I'm thinking something perhaps the size of Kahnjira.  Perhaps a bit smaller  I mean come on...You cant have Kahnjira and not have a Jaeger for it to fight right?

9. Giant Ants - I really need someone to do these.  Larva, Workers, Soldiers, King and Queen.  medium, Medium, Large, Huge...

10. Wasps - Same as ants

11. Half-orcs  - male and female
12. Akuma  - Street fighter...(yes I know wizkids has one but I want one to paint)

13.  Zerglings, hydralisk, Zealots  Just because

14.  More wizards that are not old men. 

15. Undead everything Zombie/Skeleton versions....Animals, Giants, Orcs, Goblins, Yuan-Ti  (small, medium, large and huge size)

16. Huge sized giant crab

17. Dire animals, Lions, Tigers and bears oh yea! 

18. Huge sized Elementals!  (air elemental could double as tornado terrain....)

19. Elven and Dwarven Army troops from warlord. Examples: Vale Warriors, Elven Royal guard, Shield Maidens, Dwarf Swiftaxes, Dwarf piercers.  Using those sculpts or all new ones is up to you. 
20. Arabian Nights-inspired heroes and villains

21. More Asian (especially Chinese) swordsmen and -women, sorcerers, assassins, and any heroes and villains one might see in a Kung Fu movie

22. Wyvern

23. Ba ha not (not Bahamut)  really big 1 headed dragon

24. Colossal Clockwork Dragon - I know we have one sort of but I'm talking bigger at least Kahnjira size

25. Not Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Jill Valentin, Barry burton, Tyrant, Nemesis, Hunter, Licker,  any else "Not" Resident Evil...(  No Leon though Eff that guy)
26. Cyclops (huge size 3" base)

27. Spell effects to mod onto exists bones.  Made from clear bones. 

28. Stirges with flying bases

29. Not - Xenomorphs
30. Giant Crocodiles/Alligators.  Large sized and Huge sized.  I think this fall under dire animals. 

Terrain terrain terrain!  (I would also say if possible to test the height of said furniture against dwarven forges CBS.  To make sure they fit so you can stack stuff.)
1.  warship - multi floored so we could unstack them and maneuver minis inside
2.  airship - same as war ship though I'm aware that these could be interchangeable. 
3. Various furniture,  (Medieval/ Victorian couches chairs, and such that look fancy.) 

4 Steam punk style Dwarven Tank...

5. Cannons (smaller ones)

6. Giant weapons (to mod our larger miniatures)

7. More weapons perhaps themed to each race (elf, dwarf, human, etc )

8 catapult, springald, ballista, battering ram anything else that fits in a medieval siege weapon category

9.Wizad lab, Crystal ball.  (You know that one you already have with the dragon claw)

10. Wings and other creature parts for modding.  Adding giant ones too to mod larger minis

11. A hedge wall about 2" high with various straight, curve and corner pieces to make a hedge maze. 

12. Star gate like portal

13. Firearms, such as muskets and blunderbusses

14. Hive terrain like bug eggs etc...nothing too fancy.
15. Terrain specific to race.  Example: a Dwarven Forge, Elven ruins, Dragon ruins,
16. Barricades, themed to each race: Elf, Orc, Dwarf etc....

17. Ziggurat

18. Mimic Gazebo or regular one

19. A Train!  An engine with say 3 cars (cargo, passenger, sleeper cars)

20. Levers
21. Ships wheel to mount on walls or use as a standalone item must like a lever.

22. A "battle wagon"* as a traveling headquarters; maybe several varieties with platforms for the driver(s) and archers

23. Traps, Spike pit, spear wall, spiked cylinder that rolls down hall ways...

24. Clear plastic see through force walls that could be used bridges or walls and cut into different sizes (could be fantasy or scifi)

25. Trees, Bushes, hegdes,

26.  Vehicles.  Cars, bikes, Wrecked versions.  Modern and Sci-fi.  Look to Corvus Belli for inspiration.  I really like their designs for bikes.

27. Force walls 2"x2" (can be resized to fit with DF)

28. Webs (clear bones webs.  Made of extremely flexible bones so you can lay it on the map whether you use DF or just regular maps.  I will contour to the terrain.  Could be used as the spell effect OR just terrain.)

Starfinder:  Sci-fi RPG from Paizo
Anything and everything that could be used

I would like to point out that not all these ideas are mine.  They are the ones I like.

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Adding on to my previous ones:
Female versions of many of the male figures, especially warriors. Full armor and helms, not formfitting show off the body poses and so forth.



Kytons/Chain Demons

Undead others as mentioned above (Giants, Orcs, etc,) Zombies, skeletons, yada yadda





Clockwork versions of other creatures (dogs, horses, etc)


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7 minutes ago, Werewolvians said:

Some Fat knights in full plate armor.

More fat people of all kinds.

And, as always, a werewolf wearing a tuxedo. He should look distinguished.

Fat Bottomed girls? :) Sorry, I fought the urge to not post that, but I have no filters:)

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