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Bones You'd Like to See, thread #3


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After looking at the Chronoscope expansion for Bones 4, I spent a lot of time wondering about the Andromedans (figures 314, 315, and 316 corresponding to 50131, 50220, and 50136).  I would love to see this line fleshed out!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Translucent Flumph Ghost, to show their extinction :)?

Translucent Human-sized rabbit in a topper and tie (Phooka)

Flesh-eating horse with a sea-weed mane (Each Usigke)

Human Cannibals (Sawney Bean and Family)

The Erlking (Horned Hunter leading the Wild Hunt)

Gabriel Ratchets (Hounds of the Hunt)


Spear-finger (Cherokee Skinwalker)

The Raven-Mocker

Tzoo Noo Qua


Uktena the Water Serpent



Other's from North American Indian myth and legend (there are literally a couple hundred different tribes with their own myths to draw from).


B'rer Rabbit

B'rer Bear

B'rer Wolf

(These three probably should be a Chronoscope thing)


Nande Bear

Mokele M'bembe




Bat-winged Gorillas (More gorilla-sized than the Gorilla Demon, about the size of the Killer Apes in Bones IV)

Cloaked and Hooded Killer Ape





a Gnoph-keh

Wilbur Whately (Lovecraft)

Nicodemus Whately (Deadlands)

More deep-ones



Mephits, YES!!  China's warring states's period?  Absolutely!  Snakemen with legs (Stygian-style) Absolutely!   Now all we need is an ape in a hooded cloak, and a Kaiju-sized gorrilla.


Just noticed that in the Kobold leaders there are 2 females.  Now if only we could get some female Orcs (5 or six combat and non-combat, say an Orc Bag-lady for a fantasy city . . .), female Ogres, some Trollops, and maybe a squad of Goblin Amazons :)


Odd wish list here- 


Rabbit folk (a la Ral Partha's old Thumpers) - Sci-fi and Fantasy, Space and PA

Duck folk (Glorantha?)

Various other anthros (Cats, bears, turtles)

All done in a "non-cutesy," serious manner.

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Fantasy-garbed lizardfolk, dragon kin and serpent folk.


More scales and tails, fewer horns.

More variety in types of lizardfolk, some large and bulky, some slender and lithe.


Warriors in heavy armor with various weapons,

Ranger, Rogue, & Druid types in light armor,

Mage & cleric types in robes.


I find the great majority of lizardfolk minis available portray them as either unclothed monsters or primitive barbarians. Very few portray them clothed and geared like a civilized race. I'd like to see more minis that do that. Thanks.

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Bones IV has come and gone, and they had some fantastic figures, most of which I'll be getting, but there was one figure I was REALLY hoping for that just didn't make it  . . . ::(:


Roderick Ambermead and Glitter . . . <sigh>

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1 hour ago, Maredudd said:

Bones IV has come and gone, and they had some fantastic figures, most of which I'll be getting, but there was one figure I was REALLY hoping for that just didn't make it  . . . ::(:


Roderick Ambermead and Glitter . . . <sigh>


Yeah, Roderick and Glitter was on my list too.  As was the paladin on a Pegasus, which is really rather pricey in metal.  :down:  

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Bones 4 has really spoiled me rotten, at one point I almost envisioned Bryan looking at my profile and suggesting to reveal more dinos!

Anyway I will be getting loads of Dinos, a Mammoth, a ship, several snakes/toads, female djinn/efreet and much more.


That being said.

My wishlist.


  • Giant Insects ( Ants, Wasps, Bees, Flies, Caterpillars etc) The Beetle in Bones 4 is an awesome example.
  • Woolly Rhino
  • Kronosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Pterodactyl /Pteronadon
  • Quetzocoatl ( large)
  • Meso-American warriors/priests/civilians
  • Conquistadores
  • Galleon type ship with alternative flags to make a pirate ship or not.
  • Sprue with wings ( Bat, Feathered, Butterfly, Fey,Demon, some translucent)
  • Steampunk Submarine ( waterline model)
  • Flying Steampunk Ship ( Think a 17th century ship with mechanical wings or balloons)
  • More Molewarriors and a Mole giant
  • A generic Chariot, crews from different races separate.
  • Mounts and Riders from all races ( horses, wolves, bears, lizards, oxen/ human, elf, dwarf, goblin etc)
  • Siege weapons and equipment ( Trebuchet, mangonel, Catapult, Siege Tower, Battering Ram, Drill)
  • Tents and campfires, bedrolls etc.
  • Some huts / small houses.
  • A stone tower ( wizard, necromancer, outpost)
  • Gyspy wagons some with top some open.
  • Motorcycles and modern cars.
  • Modern civilians, woman with stroller, babycarriage, construction worker, Police officer ( female) etc
  • Street Scenery, ( Fire Hydrant, paperstand, market stall, traffic light, lantern post, mailbox )
  • Nautical Scenery/ equipment ( Sea shells, ropes, anchor, blackpowder weapons, cutlass, dead fish, starfish)
  • A mounted 7th Cavalry miniature.
  • Some Apache/Sioux/Huron warriors.


And the Sabretooth man would be cool in Bones!

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