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Minis we would like to see


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If Dragoth the Defiler is popular enough to be made into a Bones figure, would there be demand for other characters on thrones?

Specifically, there's a little piece of art in the Warmaster rulebook that I've always liked of a Chaos lord sitting on a throne surrounded by his retinue, and I was thinking the other day how awesome it would be if someone like Tre or Bobby did a big armoured Chaos warrior/blackguard/antipaladin type of guy sitting on a big ol' Throne of EvilTM.

Or perhaps a new version of King Angus and Queen Shannon, or a wizard on his throne of power, or a dwarf sitting on a throne made out of swords...

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More Dark Heaven


·         Storm and Cloud Giants Male/Female

·         Rakshasa Male/Female with reversed hands

·         Dwarf Bards Male/Female

·         Goliaths of all classes

·         More Bards in General

·         More Dragonborn and Tiefling   in general  

·         Ancient-sized Dragons

·         More Hobgoblins

·         Battering Ram

·         Drakes

·         Displacer Beasts (6 Legs)

·         Better Umber Hulks and Hook Horrors

·         More Mind flayers

·         Awakened tree

·         Deep Gnomes

·         Roc

·         More different types of sculpted metal bases

·         metal terrain

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I'd like to see some older folks. Miniatures portraying older female adventurers and non-wizard men would be great. A couple of civilians/peasants would be endlessly useful.


Note: I couldn't find miniatures in the reaper store with a relevant search tag.

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I want a giant ferocious Otter, not the cuddly kind, but the ones that rip their prey apart.


Preferably a pack of those.


Dire ​Otters?


It's like I've heard the voices of a thousand female gamers cry out in terror...




P.S. I still want that war elephant...

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