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Hero Forge: Archetypes 1 & 2 + P02870A: Vampire Mouse

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Hero Forge: Archetypes 1 & 2

- Paladin & Rogue

- Casting Type: Strong Plastic - table quality.


I was commissioned to paint these miniature for a D&D 5e game. They are a Dragonborn Paladin and a Gnome Rogue.



My over all review of this thus far is not great. I don't want to bash another company but I am not impressed so far. The miniature absorbs the paint. No joke It takes it into the miniature. The following pictures take about 4 rounds of diluted paint to achieve the color. 


I saw the video SamuraiJack posted about coating them. But as this is my first try and I didn't pay for them I was not going to attempt them. The likelihood is I may not get the chance as I am unwilling to purchase a "Strong Plastic" Hero Forge miniature to test it out. 


First coat of Reaper Brown Wash (3:1) to see the details better. It didn't help much; the cast of these didn't have the details show very well at all.




Next was a dry brush: From dark grey to a lighter gray. Duel attempt: Bring out detail / add shadowing.



It took about 4 layers of diluted paint. I standardly use a 3:1 ratio as I am prone to glazing/washing.

Honed Steel, White Leather (which is whiter than the link, fyi), Denim Blue (also lighter than the picture)

Forest Green, Intense Brown





I'm also attempting to paint faster too, Trying to get my production time down for table table quality.

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So I have been working on them off and on while doing some other projects. 


It seems to be getting a little easier as the miniature is not absorbing the paint like a sponge... as much.


For the dragon born skin I use a mixture of the original blue with a Pearl White (a metallic paint). It added a VERY nice shine/upper tone to the skin.

Did some work with honed Silver on the armor to get it contrasts. After that I used a black wash in the recesses of the armor to bring out the pattern of the armor.



Highlights on the green shirt, brown paints and brown upper section of the shirt.

Then I got froggy and thought of doing stone work on the base. It turned out MUCH better than I had anticipated.



Having to take these two slow because of the quality (horrible). Not sure I am going to even bother with detailed eyes. Maybe just some bases black/white.

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You may want to try giving a nice thick coat of acrylic medium, as a first step next time. it will prevent the soak in.


Alternatively you get a really interesting effect if you treat the base coat like water coloring, dilute the paint way down, and just let it soak in a bit, and then dry, then paint a little more where you want it dark, then let it dry.


But yeah faces, they just don't have enough printer resolution at this size.

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I based them a little more. Added some sand and a few bits of grass to the Dragonborn Paladin. Then I added a bit more contrast to the base of the gnome.


In addition to that the player had a "mouse" as a pet. I used the vampire mouse from a familiar pack. 

What unique about this one is that I clipped off the base for the mouse and use a Super Magnet on it (or rare earth magnet). Greenstuff'ed it up a bit to blend the mouse with the magnet and make the magnet look like a super small normal round base. 


It turned out GREAT. The mouse is the best part of this!.







You cause see from this picture how I went about make the Hero Forge base accept a magnet... That right, paper clips! Then indent in the bottom of the HF bases are just deep enough to fit paper clip sections, 3 to be exact. They are super glued in and based over. That magnet easily holds the mouse in place. This was also one of those "necessity is the mother of inventions" because the player would have lost that mouse in a hot second. LOL.


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