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I've only played a couple solo games :) I dig it, though. I've been trying to develop a local gaming group, but it's been tough.


It looks like a zombified Scottie Pippen about to dunk on someone.

Hah, yeah it does! My fiancee thinks it's Jason Sudeikis from the 'What Up With That' SNL skit.
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Looks brilliant, but durned if he doesn't look awful .... clean... for a zombie...


Maybe he's just one who hasn't caught anyone yet.

I hear ya, Doc. I haven't really nailed a gore technique that works for me yet.
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    • By CashWiley
      Here we have the hungry, hungry zed called the Fatty (their name, not mine!) from Season 1 of Zombicide.

      Skin and shirt were Ginger Cookie based, I love this paint! Various shades were Intense Brown down into Chestnut and Muddy Soil (my current favorite dark brown). Highs were a Ginger Cookie/Bloodless Skin mix to cool things off and lend him a bit more undeathly feel. A little bit of violet red glazed into the shadows for further unhealth. The shirt subbed in Linen for Bloodless Skin, to give a little contrast to the skin highlights.
      Coveralls were Chestnut Brown shaded with Chestnut+Muddy. Highs were Carrot Top and Highlight Orange.
      Another fun Zombicide sculpt! I think I've painted more Zombicide minis at this point than anything but Reaper!
    • By CashWiley
      I finished this guy in May, just getting around to pics... This is a pedestrian zombie aka Walker from Season 1 of Zombicide.

      I hadn't really intended on such a limited palette with him, but as I was painting the skin I started roughing in the shirt and liked where it was going. The greens are Olive Shadow through the Undead Skin triad with some white mixed into the top end. Hair and pants were Red Shadow highlighted with some of the greens and deepest shaded with a touch of Walnut.
      Here's a shot of him next to a warmer example to highlight the limit of his palette. Really fun projects!

    • By CashWiley
      First up is Josh:

      Painting the hoodie I couldn't resist a nod to Belichick. The casting of the left eye pitted, so I just did the best I could there.
      Next up, Phil:

      And finally, Ned:

      The area around the left hand/top of the gun/scope is all bumpy and miscast, so I did the best I could to detail it with paint. My first try at camo, more freehand wood grain.
      These guys were all a lot of fun to paint despite the mediocre casting. I tried a bit of freehand on each of them and was trying to work on painting faster and more accurate (to spend less time fixing/cleaning). I didn't really keep track of time like I intended, but I'd say maybe 7 hours for the three of them.
      Hope you enjoy them! WIP here
    • By CashWiley
      Those zombies can kiss mah grits!

    • By CashWiley
      Here we have the first survivor I've painted from Guillotine Game's Zombicide board game.
      WIP here
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