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RPG Dice hidden in candles


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Do you like RPGs? Like candles? Want to mix the two? Here is a Kickstarter that does just that.


From the Kickstart page:

Each candle represents a different terrain you might visit on a campaign. Your game master can light a new candle every time you venture into a different realm, setting the stage -- and the mood -- with an evocative scent.


The set includes three candles:


Lair of the Dragon: musky and smoky.Fortress of Sorcery: spicy sandalwood with hints of olive and cypress.Forest of Enchantment: earthy oak and cedarwood with notes of eucalyptus.

Each candle includes a metal die from Norse Foundry embedded in the wax. As your candle burns down, a beautifully crafted and satisfyingly heavy D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, or D20 will emerge from the molten goop. The different dice are randomly placed in the candles, so you won’t know which die you’re getting until your candle starts to burn down. Who needs diamond rings in candles when you can have dice?!

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What would be even more fun is if the die result revealed resulted in an in-game result.  Like the eldritch engine of destruction that the players are racing to shut, does damage based upon the result show to everyone at a certain intervals.  Like every 15 minutes of game time once revealed.  So the player are trying to stop the engine before the candle burns down to reveal the die result and then start taking damage.


I think I just created a one-shot adventure for the next time I go to RCon....

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It's similar in basic concept to the Adventure Scents KS from a few months ago (http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59636-adventure-scents-special-effects-for-the-coolest-noses/?hl=smell), but the included die is really making this a bit too specialized.


From a game perspective, I would've preferred smaller candles with a greater variety of scents, and without any dice.


Also, WTF to the guy with the Hitler haircut?!

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