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Rob Dean

Gencon Speed Paint--Wyrd Miniatures "Canine Remains"

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I apologize for the picture quality, snapped with my cell phone in the main gaming hall. This was the piece I got to paint in the 5:00 round of the Wyrd Minis Speed Paint competition. 45 minutes of brush time, ten colors of paint, three brushes, all 0s.... It was an interesting challenge, not unlike painting at work at lunch time. That turned out to be good practice.


If anybody is interested, I can redo the shot tomorrow with a dedicated camera.

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I had this mini and ended up giving him to my son to paint; I couldn't deal with the big line going down the center of his face from where the two halves glued together. Yours looks lovely, though!

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And the second round of speed painting was a good deal more challenging...post-12821-0-70529000-1438551142_thumb.jpg


I ran out of time before tackling the face in detail, which was perhaps just as well, given that her face iis small, and my smallest brush was a 0 with a somewhat broad point, and I was working without my usual serious magnification. I can finish her up to my satisfaction at home, after taking a few chronicle pictures for posterity.

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I cannot describe how much I hate you for being able to do something that good that fast. :grr:


Just kidding. They look great. I am impressed and hope to be able to do something approaching that next year.

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Thanks for the kind remarks.


I was first in that round with the dog; the wing harness lady was middle of the pack somewhere, since they only rate first to third.


As a historical miniatures gamer, pretty much everything I ever do would count as speed painting loosely, which amounts to quite a bit of practice. If I do this again next year, though, I need to practice with an even smaller color set than my lunch project box (of about 20 colors including a suntan flesh triad). I probably should have done the clothing in the same color as the cloak, which might have gained me enough time to shade the gloves or play with the face a little more. I'm not sure what to do to address the brush size or magnification, though...I caught myself reaching up to pull down my (not being worn) optivisor several times on the wing lady. ::P:

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      So I start with the blank mini and I'm immediately trying to figure out a color scheme. I'll usually pick a couple of main colors that offer good contrast, figure I'll use cream and brown colors on the less important accessories and I'm off to the races with my base coat, except that this almost immediately falls apart as I start trying to parse the mini into these handful of different colors.  Let's say I want to give a guy a green shirt and dark red pants.  I figure I'll use black for the boots, brown for his belt, no problem.  Except that I'll start painting and realize that his pants have a stripe down the side, or a fringe.  
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      Technically, this is batch 3 - I painted 10 more Malvernian CAVs before this round, but:  ADON!  

      Since I have so few Adonese units, relatively speaking, I figured I'd dive in and knock out the whole force at once.  I managed to pick up those APCs on the cheap, so I am very tempted to add some infantry, but the rumor mill says there may be some new space-elfy units coming up soon, so I'm pumping my brakes.  

      Paint job:  Speed paint.  Pic quality: rushed.  Still, hope this helps people get motivated to paint! 


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