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77232: Mogg, Bugbear Warrior


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The wood shield came out really nicely.  I guess I didn't realize that these bugbears had such itty bitty piggy eyes..


Yeah, if you stay within the lines so to speak, they are pretty small.  OTOH, the detail isn't very deep so you could freehand the eyes if you wanted.


Great job. Love the wood grain and metals. My only critique is the teeth and toenails are a bit too bright, and could do with some dirtying up.


If they were actually that white in hand I would agree with you.  Like most of my show-off pics I adjusted the color balance before posting.  I am willing to sacrifice off-whites to get everything else correct and that's pretty much what I did here.  Originally I had the teeth and nails as a bone-white, which would have probably photographed better but did not have a high enough contrast with the skin in hand.


Love it! Wish I could do wood like that.

I find that Dullcote sometimes reacts with my metallics, especially the silvers. Does this happen to you as well?

I know about it, and actually plan on it when painting...





I haven't had a chemical reaction, if that's what you mean.  However, since the dullcote reduces the reflectivity of the mini it's also going to make the mica flakes appear less reflective as well.  So yes, it causes a visual shift on the "metal."

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