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2015 Fall Exchange - Chatter Thread


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Gah, I do not like multiparty figures yet I keep ordering them. Oh well, I'm getting better at the attaching part so that's good I guess. 1 figure primed. I need to decide which of the other figures I want to use. I have the bones version and ordered the metal version cause I prefer exchange pieces to be metal. The bones version is considerably smaller than the metal version. I'm not sure if the metal version is too big relative to the size of the human figure. Ima spoiler an image of it and my plans. Marineal, it's up to you though I'd prefer it'd be a surprise. If you'd like to know feel free to look. But don't look. ;-) spoiler incoming...



post-13108-0-74345700-1440168191_thumb.jpgpost-13108-0-40937300-1440168243_thumb.jpg Marineal wanted gaming approprate basing. I like display basing. I want her to have what she wants and I want what I want so I'll be doing a display base but the figures will be removable. win win. The glop of pink foam will be a rocky hill eventually, its in its very rough start right now. I'll most likely add a tree or two on there. One behind the Winter Witch and one next to the Warg. The metal Warg will be taken off that huge chunk of metal if I go with him. So is the metal version too big for the piece or does he look ok?




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That's going to be amazing when you're done!

Golly I hope so :-)

Looking good!


I Like that winter wolf figure so much, I have 2! 1 as a warg, 1 winter wolf. They are the largest of the wolf creatures so his size is fine.




Dude, spoilers! Lol


You too Koi. Spoilers!

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