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Started a new barbarian (of course), this is the one I got from Catacombs. He made his way towards the front of the queue pretty quickly after I received him.

His name is Torgils the Black Wolf



More pics later!

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Barbarians...always jumping the queues.  ^_^ I see lots of potential for good skin tones with this one.


They are just wild like that! Oh yes, great chance to practice some more skin tones here, I'm thinking more like a Conan bronzed skin tone for him. We'll see how I feel as I'm painting him up tho.

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Are you done yet?


Yep. Didn't you see the show-off thread? :huh:

NO! Where, where! I can't find it! :down:

It's in...the .... FUTURE! :;):

Oh, wher'd I put that TARDIS....


Looking forward to this one, he's such a fantastically ragey fellow. He'll need some skulls and dripping blood from axe me thinks. he's so angry! Someone musta stole his coffee.

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Oh, wher'd I put that TARDIS....

Looking forward to this one, he's such a fantastically ragey fellow. He'll need some skulls and dripping blood from axe me thinks. he's so angry! Someone musta stole his coffee.



I was also looking for that TARDIS the other day...


Thanks! Yeah, he'll have skulls and blood and maybe even a broken mug of spilled coffee on the ground heh.  ::D:

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So what color direction do you think you will go with this one?


When I first looked at him all I could think was "Glowing eyes as if he is possessed by a barbarian god"


He's wearing some pelts and skins, so they'll be browns and grays. Skin will be darker, I'm thinking more Conan-esque with the bronzes/reds in there, maybe some purples to offset and bring them out a bit. Not going any kind of supernatural thing here with him, haven't yet decided if he's going to be available as a table-top character or display piece or part of a vignette. We'll see how I feel as I move through the process, I like to play it by ear. 

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My first thought when I saw this thread title was "Catacombs barbarian. Okay. So... this is a barbarian who specializes in dungeoneering? Or is there actually a specialized tribe of barbarians who live in catacombs? And if so, what do they look like? What kind of culture arises in barbarians who never see the sunlight? I am envisioning something between Schwarzenegger's Conan and a Morlock. Plainly, I should click on this, and see what ub3r is on about."

Turned out to be the name of the manufacturer.

I do NOT have enough to occupy my mind, today.

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