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He looks great! For the alter, I think marble would be cool.

Yeah, I'm thinking marble will be what I go with. Trying to decide on the colors right now though... any thoughts/ideas? It'll need to be something that helps with the cohesiveness of the scene and not detract/distract. I'm thinking something darker maybe purples or blues.

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Work was done tonight! 


I re-worked the eyes, a bit of skin tone changes on the head, added some more color to the staff's eyes (not pictured), and added a golden trimming to the back of Severus' cloak.


I'll do this in 2 parts since it's a lot of pics.





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I worked on the girl as well, tinkered with skin tones, using Reaper's clear red, clear green, violet ink, rosy skin, tanned skin, tanned shadow, intense brown, and brown liner to achieve where I'm at now.




She looks a lot better in hand than these quick cell pics that are washing out some of the colors.

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They both look really good. Severus' expression now looks like, "You have GOT to be kidding me!" Here he is, minding his own business, summoning a demon to eat this girl and he is rudely interrupted by this barbarian who doesn't even bother to knock!


I personally would go with either a black, dark purple, or dark blue marble for the altar with black being my first choice. I think if you try to add too many colors into the veins, it will either look too busy, or in the case of red, might be mistaken as blood smears if there is going to blood on top of the altar. Just my two cents (and in Australia we don't use pennies so that would be rounded to the nearest dollar so my opinion is worth squat!)

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