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I like 4 except I miss there being 2 cultists....I dunno, I really like both of them but maybe it is too busy with both. I like the stabby one most if you're only going to do one since he poses the most immediate threat. 

But in keeping both cultists in, I would move the candelabra to the back wall by the arms (or maybe remove the candelabra?) and put the reading cultists there at the head of the victim, keeping the stabby cultist behind the altar.

If you're thinking that the blue chest with books and skull leaves an empty gap above that you don't like, I think you could make a little painting with frame there to fill that blank space without overwhelming that wall.

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I had another idea for the flow of the diorama base, making it less busy, trying to triangulate the barbarian, cultist, and the girl.


Tell me what you all think about this one!


Added in a fireplace, put together a bookshelf and added some books and oddities to it, moved the arms over to the other wall (after cutting them down a bit), and lastly I trimmed the back end of the well of chaos off so it goes flat against the wall. 


Now the walls will all get some putty on them and I'll make them look like stones. I'll also craft a portal to have the arms reaching out of.


Anyhow, here it is:




View from above -


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Looks good, BUT....


Where is the danger to "Our Hero"?

It looks like 2 strides, Hack-chop-hack, cultist breathes his last, Summoning over, arms go back to where they came from. Battle over, collect reward from saved damsel.


As the penultimate scene in a novel, where our hero breaks free from the melee above, his friends fighting and dying to give him his chance to rescue his lady love, blood streaming from his wounds he hacks down Mood Asluht just before he finishes his incantation, it works.

But how do you get that across to people looking at the scene?


 I do like the way the well is flush to the wall...


Not so sure about the fire place, it makes the place look too "Homey", if you know what I mean. The crypt added some menace.


I think I would go back to what you had before....


Just my .02...




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Let me show you want I have planned now. I added a little something to the hearth... not so homey anymore! BWAHAHAH!


ETA: The whole point wasn't danger to him before, it's always been about the danger to the girl. Ala Conan books, where the barbarian comes in at the last moment kills the big bad monster/evil wizard and then gets the gorgeous girl. 










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So you are shooting for this kind of scene then-


(Warning: Nudity Behind Link)


Frank Frazetta- 'The Sacrifice'


From Conan the Avenger.


Good move flipping the girl's head closer to the wall.


If that is what you are going for, then all is well!


Just wonder if you could remove the fire from the fire place and put a mite, or a meazel, with a tunnel behind him....



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Yep! Something classic Conan, that's prefect. It kinda hints at the other writer of the times of Howard... Lovecraft with the arms of a Cthulhu-type creature being summoned from by this evil wizard.


The hearth is made out of plaster, it was each enough to hack and scrape at the top area to make a spot for that skull, the fire would be much more difficult. I'll leave that alone as I know the whole thing would crack/break if I started hacking at that spot. I am going to make it a dingy/dirty room with straw on the ground and dirt and make it look like a proper dungeon area.


I showed the piece to my wife and she brought up an excellent point, the bookshelf is too small, she was right, the shelf is 28mm scale and so I'm currently constructing a new shelf out of scratch, making it out of popsicle sticks and plasticard. It'll be a true bookshelf too, not having any cabinets on the bottom, I'll be able to add more books and other things to it. 

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Okay, one more for the night, this is the new bookshelf I made from popsicle sticks and plasticard. I filled the shelves with books and oddities bits that I have on hand. Most are Hirst Arts things. Anyhow this stands at 53mm (~2inches) tall. It'll be a true bookshelf and not a tiny thing in the back corner, much more in scale with the whole scene.









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Still seems a bit crowded to me...    I would loose the fireplace so the Barbarian stands out and if you need something on the wall a tapestry with an evil scene would be better.  (something with the creature depicted in it maybe).


I love the new book case and it fits so nicely into the mad mage room!

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The rearrangement looks a lot better! The book cultist works really well with what you have going. The girl isn't being sacrificed to summon the monster, the girl is the sacrifice FOR the monster.


I'm personally not a fan of the well of chaos in this scene and think that the fireplace also seems a little out of place. Makes it feel a little more basement and less dank dungeon. But that's just my judgment call and I don't think that it detracts from it

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I would lose the fireplace. A tapestry or maybe a torch on the wall. On the shelf, I would move the skull to the top shelf. No particular reason, it would just be more aesthetically pleasing to me. Can't wait to see the finished scene!

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Wow, a lot of great feedback here! Some of it mixed, but overall I'm very pleased with the responses I'm getting and am listening to you all.


Sounds like most of you don't like the fireplace, how about if I moved it to the left side wall where the well is and move the well over where the fireplace is? This way it doesn't steal the scene from the barbarian, but it does add a source of light and heat to a cold lived in wizard's lab?


I'm loathe to remove too much otherwise the scene becomes too spaced. Most pros have been telling me to keep it as compact as possible (even saying so much as to ditch the whole base and re-do it as a smaller square base on an angle) and if I'm removing the well and the fireplace, I need to find other things to replace it, but if it's just like a wall hanging it still makes the space too big I'm thinking. Need things that are going to be in this area that don't steal the show, but add to the scene and give the feel of the story I'm trying to tell here.


Story I'm trying to tell:  Conan-type of barbarian racing down the steps through the archway only to find the girl about to be sacrificed by this wizard to a summoned Eldar God.


What else would be in this scene to help sell that? What should I replace?



More lab type of equipment, jars, bottles, books, body parts, etc?


Bench or Desk?

Wall hangings/tapestries?

Hanging Shelving w/ items on it?

Weapons/Items of Torture?

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