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This is a great early attempt and I like it, I will give you the advice that was given to me. Master the basics first, YouTube is a fantastic resource for painters. Learn the use of washing your base coat to create shadow and highlighting the high areas. Dry rushing is a good starting technique for this. Darker shadows higher highlights. Work on brush control, it will lead to clean and Croat looking miniatures. As you get comfortable with this you can move onto blending, glazing and layering. Have patience and no mini is a bad mini they are all a learning process.


Enjoying painting is not about how good the finished mini looks but how good the finished mini makes you feel.


Happy painting keep learning and keep asking ;)

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Welcome to the Forums and the insanity hobby!

Good Mini! and listen to the Limey! Ask questions, people here are happy to give advice.

First thing I noticed was the eyes. I hate painting eyes! This tutorial saved me! Try it and see.

Read the rest of the stuff in "The Craft" section as well, even if it doesn't seem applicable to what you are doing now. When you start something else, you might just think, 'didn't I see a tip on how to do this somewhere?'

Again Welcome and enjoy!




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Excellent work for one of your first mini. Good job on the eyes those can be very hard to paint. What Limey said was correct, don't try to learn everything at once it'll make you discouraged. Also, look at the show offs here not as, they are so much better than you and you'll never attain that level of mastery, look at them more as that's what you can become. Because, surprisingly it is attainable Just I haven't reached there yet! Lastly Welcome and don't die!!!

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It's a good start. You've got cleanly defined painted areas and harmonious color choices. You might wish to give some thought to highlights, which would help bring out the form and emphasize the colors. And of course eyes are nearly everyone's bugbear.

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I think you are doing really well! The only thing I could suggest (and this is something that took me (and is still taking me) years to get right) and that is to push your highlights. Maybe try to pull out some of the edging on the armor (liner highlights) to help define the great detail you have on here. Remember try to push your highlights close to white (in some very small area on the highlight). 


This article is pretty good on how to do line highlighting. (I just don't agree with the middle section where he talks about fixing his mistakes. Both ways look good to me for tabletop.)


Otherwise, excellent start! Can't wait to see more from you!

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You're off to a pretty good start! Exactly how much of a beginner are you; is this your first figure ever?

It looks like you've got a pretty good grasp of he basics, just keep practicing! Like the others have said, don't hesitate to ask questions; there are plenty of knowledgeable people around here are happy to try and help out.

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      This is the Hill Giant from 77939. I have not finished the cat yet, so I only have the Giant here. I have been trying to add various colors (layers of color for one area/color) to my minis to make them more interesting. Following some of the painters here and other utubers and painters like Angel G. I used an Imperial Purple base for this entire mini and then did Troll Flesh as next base for skin and then built up reddish skin tones for skin and then went lighter tan. Hope you enjoy, I had fun painting him.








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      Worked on some critters. The leeches were painted Walnut Brown and highlighted in medium grey. Then I went over them with Turbo Dork - 3D Glasses. Then wash of Nuln Oil Glossy. Ended up with the slimy/glossy look I was trying for.



      Dire Crab, I was inspired by the color scheme that many have posted here, which i think they were modeling a Blue Crab which seems to be more green with many interesting colors in it. I painted the whole thing Ivory, and then glazed inks and washes up and tried to be careful on where I laid the wash/ink down. Some were just one coat, like Reikland Fleshshade for the edges of shell and claws. Also uded Army Painter green ink and Nuln Oil (for mix with green for darkest part on top of shell) for shell/legs/claws, Reaper Sepia wash for in-between colors and the underside. Only paint I used was bit of black at tips of claws, and Tropical blue watered down to thickish wash for blue on claws/legs.



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      And of course his purpose, the book, came out pretty well too!

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