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WAMP Brush Size Comparison

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This isn't really a tip or advice; it's more of an informational topic.  As we all know, brushes vary by manufacturer such that a 00 from one company can be different from another.  Rather than go with the existing system the WAMP brushes are stamped by their intended purpose, though each brush does include an "equivalent to" in the description.  Still, that's a comparison back to a system without a standard so I thought it would be helpful to snap a picture for actual comparison purposes.  I didn't purchase all of them, but if you were curious about the WAMP brushes here's how they compare to each other and to a few other manufacturers.




From left to right we have:

Isabey 2/0
WAMP Fine Freehand
W&N Series 7 00
Reaper Pro Paint 1
WAMP Freehand
WAMP Fine Detail
W&N Series 7 1
WAMP Detail
WAMP Basecoat
WAMP Liner
Blick Master Sable 2
WAMP Stipple


Edit: For the metric people, 1/8" = 3.175 mm.

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Tips/Advice/Info works for me.


Thanks, I love seeing comparison shots like that. Since I've been leaning hard on the Rosemary brushes lately, I think I might need to get a set, I like pretty much all the WAMP line. Old school liner brush, even!

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