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Grenadier 5002 - "S" Demon

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I'm painting an oldie but a goodie, the Demon from grenadier 5002. I havent found any finished paint jobs of this that impressed, if anyone has one I'd love to see it. I decided to use the cover of the box (screenshot included)as inspiration and try blending, washes, and highlights.  I would NMM his sword but I can't figure out how to shade a surface with this many angles yet, so I went with the flame idea. His offhand should be holding a whip, but I decided it was another chance to work on blending and it looks better than a brown leather whip there.


Process and paints on the blending


Primed with citadel black



Made a 4:4:1 wash of vallejo retarder medium/water/citadel khorne red (this looks to me like skim milk)

Used this wash very lightly probably 8 - 10 times on the top of wings, stroking from the bottom to top (I thought this was probably the best blend work on this mini?)

Repeated this process for the sword using citadel khorne red, troll slayer orange, flash glitz yellow, and vallejo white grey, reverse for the whip.


I painted the green with citadel kharloc green, highlighted it with citadel warboss green.


The fur I painted with khorne red and troll slayer blended, then dry brushed with troll slayer.


The sword handle I dry brushed with Citadel chainmail


I liberally washed the entire figure except the sword with citadel nuln oil.


Questions that I ran into so far:


How do I darken or lighten a red? If I add black it turns purple, If I add white it turns into pink.

How do I darken an orange? Similar problems.


Is washing with black the right idea? When I bought paints at the FLGS here in the bay area, it was suggested that I buy agrax earthshade, which is brown. I've also found some devlan mud because everyone online seems to rave about it. Also brown...What gives?


How do you NMM a horizontal curved surface like this sword? Is this a technique that could be applied to a sword blended like this to add to the effect?





Please your C&C is welcome.










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For red and orange, darken with some sort of brown. In both cases it might be better to use glazes or washes rather than mixing the paint, because in my limited experience, both red and orange do odd things when you mix them with other paints.

Red is tricky, but you can lighten it with orange or yellow. Alternatively, if you've highlighted it pink and it's annoying you, glaze the whole lot with orange, then deepen the shadows with red, then deepen the shadows with brown or purple. Just use thin layers, rather than mixing, if you find your red goes bonkers when you mix it.

As for washes being brown: brown washes tend to shade without looking as "dirty" as black, and with gentler transition from light to shade. They're much easier to get the right illusions with than black is.

Beyond that, you're doing a very good job with some very tricky colours. More advanced advice, like NMM, will have to come from someone better than me!

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Looking good so far!

I am working with red right now, and I have been advised by a certain Enabler to use red glazes to bring pink high lights back down to red. And to add a drop of blue to my red for a really dark purple for my shade. This may be due to my color scheme, but it may work for you as well.




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