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The 2015 All Hallows Eve paint Contest. Roll up roll up


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I've decided to still join in as a happy participant (yes to all things Halloween), but I'll just do a baby piece!  ^_^


(I didn't realize how little time I will have - learning how to paint minis, entering in contests all willy nilly, and I haven't even started my costume for Ren Faire!)

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Top Posters In This Topic

If I understand, entries should be emailed to Beagle, not posted (by the entrant) to the forum. Beagle will then post all entries at once. I assume this is to preserve some degree of blindness on the part of our judge. Of that's the case, WiP threads are also a dicey plan (though not prohibited). I also suspect this will build some suspense, and who doesn't love suspense around Halloween?


I also believe I understand the "pumpkin somewhere" requirement is intended to ensure the piece was completed specifically for this contest (rather than something you've had sitting about for some time), and the pumpkin(s) may be part of the background of the photo (not necessarily part of the mini itself).


Beagle, can you please confirm or deny my above understanding?

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