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Space Crusade Reconstruction from Bits Box

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Nicely done! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do for this project.


I never got a chance to play space crusade or any of GW's older board games, but I've heard a lot of good things about them.

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Since I still play salamanders when I get the chance to play I really enjoy seeing such excellently done figures. I am particular impressed with the heavy bolter model. Bravo !




The heavy bolter is actually the commander for the squad (he starts as a sergeant and can level up into a captain and such).


Space Crusade really had different weapon rules than 40k.

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And here are the Gretchin.


I had considered quite a few options for my Gretchin- I have quite a few goblins from various companies I could easily convert.  I also have some of the older plastic gretchin minis- but I felt that the pose was too standard.


In the end, I decided to take old metal Snotlings, and arm them with missile weapons.  I really fell that this works for their lowly status.


Here they are:











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In Space Crusade, the marines fight against a mixed force of Chaos Tainted enemies- among those are five Chaos Space Marines.


I was originally having a hard time deciding what chapter to make the Chaos marines (since I've done quite a few Chaos Space Marine armies for clients that I'd like to make a tributes to).  


Then I realized that in gameplay terms, they don't need to be a squad -they can all spawn at different locations, and pretty much act as five independent marines.  


So, they'll each be from different Chaos chapters.  Here's the first one- a marine of the Black Legion:



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There are five Chaos Space Marines in Space Crusade.  I was having a really hard time trying to decide on a single chapter for them- since I've painted quite a few different chapters of Chaos marines for my regular clients.

In the end, I realized that the game doesn't present them as a squad- they're more like independent chaos marines.  As such, I could make each of them a tribute to a different chaos marine force that I painted.  As with the others, I tried to have a deliberately different take on the chapter than the armies that I painted before.

Sons of Malice

Night Lords

Iron Warriors

Emperor's Children

Space Crusade also featured a powerful Dreadnought as a centerpiece to the forces of chaos.  He is to be feared.  Like all minis in this project, I wanted to pull the whole Dread out of my bitz box, and I managed to pull it off.  The base mini for this is an old metal dreadnought, with additions from various plastic kits.  I decided to give it the plasmagun and missile launcher because the assault cannon is kind of a waste against space marines.

And the Death Guard


There is one unit type that existed in Space Crusade that never existed in 40k (although I believe they did find their way into Space Marine back in the day).



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