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I'm ReaperBryan. AMA (Ask Me Anything)*! Part II


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* Not Work Related Questions only please.


Good questions might even earn your House points (remember the houses? That's totally a thing we made up).


Bear in mind I generally dislike "Favorite X" type of questions, but would be ok with "Top 3" style questions, and in fact, will regard any question asking me my favorite X to be that you really meant my Top 3.


There was a thread about this previously, and it was a ton of fun, so ask away!

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You mentioned you were into bookbinding. Care to expand on that?

Absolutely. A few years back I began to transition to mostly buying the PDFs of new gaming books, mostly for the cost savings (oh! Irony!). After getting a device on which to read my spiffy new inexpensive PDFs (spent money to save money part one!) I realized that the device experience wasn't as pleasant. So I started printing out my PDFs and stuffing them in 3 ring binders. This ALSO was not as pleasant. So I checked around on YouTube and found tons of tutorials on bookbinding, and I began to print out my books, and hand stitch them. I picked up a few nice cover papers and some nice cover cloths, and started making nice covers. 

Over time, I have begun experimenting with leather covers, and at least once, a wooden cover (See more here). The materials I have begun working with of late often end up costing me more than if I had just bought the book to begin with (spent money to save money part two!) but I find I really enjoy the process and it keeps me out of my wife's hair for a few days each time I design a new project.

My next 2 books will be re-covers. I will be taking 2 existing books, removing the existing covers, and making my own.

After that, we'll see, although I'm getting a PDF from a Kickstarter that I'm itching to make a clockwork brass and leather cover for with 3 levels of gears and motion...


Where would you like to travel?

Most of the travel I do is for Reaper, but on a personal note I seem to enjoy mountains most. I haven't been to Colorado in over 20 years, and would love to be in the Rockies again. Perhaps a trip to BC Canada or Calgary, even. More far flung than that, from photos and movies I think I'd just about die to visit the Seychelles Islands, but I do not expect that to ever happen.

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How do you balance it all so well?

Scheduling. I schedule time each day for my daily run. I schedule time for hobbies. I schedule time for family activities and games.


It's not a hyper vigilant schedule - none of this "7:40-8:20 = write 500+words of the novel" nonsense.


For instance, my after work schedule tonight reads: go to the gym. Make dinner. Research Lord Ganesha (Hindu deity). Develop list of names and jobs. Research Magnet schools. Each activity will take as long as it takes and anything I don't finish moves forward.



Do you believe in Aliens? Or do you want to believe in them?

I am 100% convinced of the potential for alien life to exist in some form.

I am 90% sure that intelligent life, in a form we could recognize, exists now or will exist soon.

I am 99% convinced that such intelligences have never visited Earth.


I like to believe that proof of life, intelligent or otherwise, will be discovered before my life is over.



Why are clowns so terrifying?

Large mouths, loud noises, garish colors, fast movements. All of these produce shock and fear responses in toddlers. Doesn't take much for the well intentioned clown at a circus or party to induce a lifelong phobia.

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As a transplant to Texas, what are your favourite things about living there and what are the things (if there are any) that make you ask yourself "What was I thinking moving here!?"

Mostly I really like my friends and my job. Assuming the work and the people could be anywhere else, I'd go there. I have no particular attachment to the Lone Star State, and find myself continually appalled by the mindset of our politicians. Jade Helm in particular being one arena in which I find myself ashamed of my home state.


How is the hat holding up after the chaos that was Bones 3?

I took 8 days off work, if that tells you anything. Today is my first day back. I super enjoyed my vacation and GenCon was wonderful and strangely relaxing for as frenetic as it seemed sometimes.


 Being one of the "faces" of Reaper, do you have a lot of non-industry people recognizing you at gaming conventions and such?

If I'm "in costume", yes. If I wear a non-reaper shirt, and leave off the hat, I tend to be ignored. If I put on the hat and the red and black bowling shirt, I can't make it two booths without being stopped by somebody asking if I'm Reaperbryan and often telling me about their characters.  When I need an ego boost, I wear the hat.

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