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Brass Bull as ridden monster (Bones)


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Really Great Work & Concept!


With the Ogre aboard, I am reminded of Mongo riding into Rock Ridge in Blazing Saddles!




I had to Google the reference... But yeah! totally!

Even though it wasn't expected...

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Hod did you do the the conversion; it's not all GS is it?

I wish I could be that good at sculpting with GS...

The saddle is mainly kit-bashed from my bits box (I think they are parts from the GW stonehorn kit so it was a good size for the ogre).

I only use GS to fill the gaps, make the straps and leathers between the saddle and the bull.

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Looking good! Love the tarnished look to the bull, and you are right, he does look like a pony compared to the ogre, but still looks like the right size. If he was any bigger compared to the ogre, it would make the ogre look like huge, and less imposing, and who wants that?! :lol:


And the saddle looks amazing, kit bash or no, my hats off to you sir.

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