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Parallax: Warbands


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About this project


Parallax: Warbands is a fast-paced skirmish game set in a world of high fantasy. Players build a Warband of approximately 4-8 highly customizable adventurers and mercenaries to complete missions and foil the plans of their enemies. A Warband may be as diverse or faction-centered as a player chooses; representing mercenaries and/or faction-led parties alike. From how your forces align, to choosing the Warband’s commander, each player makes decisions, which alter a game’s play style. Lead your characters to fame and glory, or watch them fall to the swords and spells of their foes.

In Parallax: Warbands games are won and lost by how many contracts are successfully completed before time runs out. At the beginning of the game, players accept a number of Contract Cards, which detail the Warband’s objectives. The more contracts a player completes, the more victory points they earn! However, failure to deliver on your promises means you’ll lose points instead.

Features of the Game:

  • Six unique factions;
  • Five specialized classes;
  • Two different, yet compatible, ways to play:

    - Campaign mode - build your characters from the ground up by choosing attributes, skills and progression paths

    - Personality mode - compose your Warband from a wide selection of pre-made characters;

  • More than 100 distinct skills and abilities for character creation;
  • Your character gains new skills as you play;
  • 44 different Contract Cards;
  • Streamlined d10 System, where injuries impact characters as the battle progresses;
  • Beautifully detailed miniatures made out of high-quality resin.

The Kickstarter, like the game, is highly customizable. You can choose to buy any individual model(s) or an entire Warband. All of the models and the book are available as Add-ons.

In addition, each item has a point value. Please note the point value has nothing to do with points within the game itself. Points are used if you select one of the Essentials pledges. The “Essentials Pledge†and “2 Player Essentials†include either 10 or 20 points worth of models.

When the survey is sent out at the end of the campaign, you will choose the models you want from the existing host of medles and those unlocked by stretch goals.

Please use the guide below when you are looking at the reward levels. Each level builds on the previous layer and is color-coded so you can easily see the new items for each level. The color on each of the reward level logo below matches the new items.


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I'll be thinking about it because of the catfolk types. Not exactly my favorite sort of look for them, as such, but better than most of what's on the market.



I'm really turned off to resin right now, though, so I don't know. But it'll have me thinking.

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I'm hoping they get some more stuff unlocked. $20 elephants is reasonable. Having $15 semi-regular sized miniatures makes them much less appealing in comparison. The point system makes that problem even worse when they "cost" the same as far as the pledge level is concerned.

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