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Under The Pingo Tree


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I love all those little staring eyes.  This is a tree that watches in every direction.


That's a great little front door there, too, in the shadows.


Thanks, Pingo; considering I got the idea from your thread, I am delighted you like it. The bead eyes seem to follow you (or moi) were ever you move...one reason, other than the dust, for keeping the stuff covered.

Rumor has it you like steam punk, which is why I went for the clockwork door mechanism.


Lol...I just assume "nuts" is a given for any of us in this hobby!

Horrifyingly enough, there are some Folk who take painting toy soldiers/miniatures VERY seriously, frowning on all frivolity & attempts at humor in the craft. Reality & those who chose to live there are SUCH a bore. Nuts is much more fun, eh?!

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Hah hah! Love it, Mal!


Thank, ub3r. That's the reaction I was trying for. Gasps of awe are for other Folk; I'm in it for the laughs.


The further I scrolled, the more I had a sneaking feeling I was being watched. Then I saw the eyes...the tree has eyes!


I love your imagination! Great work.


Thanks for the kind words, Mierot. Placing the odd...in more ways than one...eye in unexpected places adds a certain bizarre quality to the scene; AND it's FUN.


Fantastically done. You have such great attention to detail. Very fey.


Thanks, Loim. Things take a little longer now than they used to, but the extra time lets me come up with all the little embellishments that make things interesting...they also add to the time factor...et cetera.

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Agreed, beautiful work! I love it!



Beautiful work that showcases your whimsy.


Thanks, KruleBear! "Whimsy" sounds SO much nicer that "Nuts", although the latter is probably more accurate.



Just my opinion, but I think he said "whimsy" cuz if he said "Beautiful work that showcases your nuts." that might be misconstrued...:P

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