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I'm doing a bunch of warbands with the kids and we're using a mix of Reaper Bones, older GW and Frostgrave minis. There's a fair bit of variance in sizes but overall we're satisfied. Frostgrave minis tend to be smaller 28mm which mix well with some of the historical figures I have and are ok if a bit smaller with my Mordheim minis. Reaper sizes are pretty variable so you kind of need to pick what you can live with. One of these days I'll get back to painting and get some photos up.

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I've gotten pretty excited about this game.  Got a look at the rules for the first time a little over a week ago and then ordered the book which arrived yesterday.  After a long chat with the gaming group it looks like the only thing we are short on for this game is fantasy/medieval scenery.  I have a whole sheet of blue insulation foam(had a hole in it so I got for a couple bucks at Lowe's) and a decent amount of packing styrofoam.  Does anyone have any suggestions on making stuff with this or links to sites that would do that.  I've looked at a few sites and videos and made a few things in the past, I just want to find out what the best options are since I'm going to be making a whole lot more and probably some much bigger things with all of this stuff.

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Froggy did work for Terragenesis?

I didn't, but I did post an awful lot there - at least one was made into an article.


So in yesterday's Frostgrave game, Javolith managed to outright kill one player's wizard and another's apprentice plus a bunch of grunts in a series of deadly Elemental Bolts.  He jumped from level 7 to 15 after that game.  I'm now making a new warband to play while everyone else catches up.

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