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1 hour ago, TGP said:

What significance does rolling 1 have in Frostgrave? Obviously, 2d10 eliminates that. 


Rolling a 1 or a 2 is pretty insignificant in Frostgrave. Lets say you had a pretty tough fighter that had a modifier of +4 in combat and they rolled a 1 and lost to a soldier that had a +2 modifier who rolled say a 7. Even though that character lost by a 4 point margin (a 5 total to a 9 total), no damage will be dealt because the final total of the winning figure is below the base armor rating of 10. They would have scored a glancing blow and done no real damage. The losing figure would still be forced to back away of course.

What is significant is rolling high. A very high roll means you will probably win the combat even with a skill disadvantage. So in the above example if the tough fighter rolled a 14 and the soldier rolled a 20 the margin would be again be 4 points (an 18 total vs a 22) But when you compare the final total of the winning figure to the armor rating of the fighter, its very likely that more than 10 points will go through and eliminate the fighter that round.


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Whatever works for you, but that would give a significantly greater advantage to characters with a higher Fight value. A wizard with a +8 fight is hard enough to beat on comparative d20s. If you're using 2d10, he will be nearly impossible to beat. Further, armor becomes much more important, since the number of really high rolls drops. And I would expect the game to run significantly longer.


For me, a part of the charm of the game is its speed and brutality. I wouldn't be interested in anything that would remove that.


But as I say, if you're having more fun, go for it.

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Was talking about tabletop games with the grad student we hired this semester.  He's played Imperial Assault and kind of likes how Massive Darkness looks.  He was trying to find something that he could get that he could start working on.  We went back and forth on some things and before you know it we were talking about Frostgrave again.  It really is a great gateway game into the hobby.  So, at lunch, I went home to get him the book so he could read it and see if he wants to try and play some.  I ate and then wondered if I could throw together a warband with just the prepainted D&D plastic minis I had.  I never really considered it before because I was going to paint it all up and make a great warband (and then got stuck painting on my wizard and need to get back to it sometime soon).  


I opened up the page for the minions and in about 15 minutes had assembled this group which leaves me 10 gc to add any equipment I may go for.



Wizard, Apprentice, 2 Archers, Treasure Hunter, Infantryman, 2 Thieves and a Warhound.  Cool!

Now, I need to figure out what kind of Wizard he will be...

Who knows, might get to play a game this weekend.  Guess I'll try to scrape together some terrain tonight just in case!

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