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Numenera: Into the Ninth World


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Miss Melons, there's a new Numenera KS with all new source materials.



Early this year we started an in-depth exploration of the Ninth World, the setting of the Numenera roleplaying game, with the Ninth World Guidebook. Numenera fans were excited to see the world expanded, as that in turn expanded the options for their own campaigns. We knew we wanted to keep going, and that the Ninth World had many more fascinating lands and cultures to explore. But those conventional (sort of) lands are just one aspect of the Ninth World. There were other sorts of realms, inspiring and unique, many of which had been introduced in our previous products but never really explored in depth.

The obvious first direction was up! The eight previous worlds had all, to one extent or another, reached beyond the embrace of Earth’s gravity. Remnants of those civilizations linger in the Ninth World’s datasphere, and were touched on in adventures such as Vortex and discussion of the moon in the Ninth World Guidebook. This is an aspect of the Ninth World we’ve wanted to develop since—well, since Numenera came into being!

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Coming up to the last couple of days for this. I've made the mistake of properly reading my Numenera books since my box set arrived and I'm getting very keen on the system, so getting in serious danger of backing this after all.


Definitely intend to play a Numenera adventure when my Emerald Spire campaign finishes.

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