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using 1/72 orcs for goblins

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Just got a pack of The Red Box 1/72 Dark Alliance Orcs:set 2 that I plan to use for goblins.






 The plastic is kind of rubbery, maybe a PVC material, unlike the styrene like plastic I was expecting. It is for the best to be honest, main sprue can be bent in half and returns to original shape with nearly no trouble and only a tiny bit of discoloration. That will at least keep the tiny weapons from breaking easily. The plastic seems a bit like Bones, so filing does not seem too effective.


Plan is to clean and wash them on the sprues then pin the sprue itself to some sort of anchor for painting.


Probably give them each a paperclip shortbow or a couple javelins from hammered paperclips.. 


Since I kinda like the base colour of the plastic, first thing is to start with a wash of Minwax polyshades Antique Walnut and see what happens.

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While that's true, you can alleviate a lot of that by the acrylic gesso priming and the use of the flexible clear brush on varnish. I'm not home, but I'll look up the Liquitex stock number that I use later. In my experience, that's enough to hold weapons against damage in most normal bumps, drops, and bends. You can still peel the paint off if you bend it and go after it with your fingernail, so evict any player who's that rough...

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I'm a fan of multi-surface acrylic craft paint.  It doesn't shrink quite as nicely as my black gesso, so you can't just glob it on to the same extent.  But it adheres even better and is more flexible, in my experience.  And the upside of it not shrinking as much, is that it doesn't get those little gaps in coverage from shrinkage.  Plus, it comes in all sorts of colors rather than just black and white.

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In my youth I had almost every army of 1:72 Airfix line.


I painted those with oils and that stayed on very well.

Later I triec acrylics, but that comes of way sooner with these bendible plastics.


Also I get the impression that die to the different kind of polymer, the Bones handle paint better then these little toys soldiers.


On topic: The Orcs look really nice.

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      The shield will be attached right in the center of of her back; if positioned correctly I think it'll
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      A few years ago (hmmm…2015), Iron Wind Metals did a Kickstarter for a Chaos Wars revival. The first two armies featured were orcs and elves. I got most of my compact orcish army painted a while back, but was looking at a new set of rules last week (Fantastic Battles).  I needed at least one more leader stand to use my Chaos Wars orcs, and I knew that I had a few orc leaders from that Kickstarter I hadn’t finished.  Happily, I was even able to find them among my boxes of primed figures on sticks.


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      These look like fun.  26 hours left.... 

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