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Orc-Goblin and Goblin-Orc


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This is actually two questions, but they are related. Feel free to answer either one or both:

  1. If you were going to paint a goblin mini like a small orc, how would you do it to make the goblin look orcish?
  2. If you were going to paint a orc mini like a big goblin, how would you do it to make the orc look goblin-y?


Are they not both green? Is there a difference between what kind of green they are? If you painted a goblin orc-green, wouldn't he just look like a goblin--the difference in skin color being...either negligible or essentially indistinguishable?


What other things could you do with paint to identify one as the other?


(I've got duplicates of both orcs and goblins. And I was thinking if I just painted some like the other that would give me a greater variety of models for each. But then I got stumped on how to do that exactly. A goblin-green orc is just going to look like an orc. Maybe this idea is not as good as I originally thought.)

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For a goblin, you'll want to go full-on Lord of the Rings Uruk-Hai and WH40K Grimdark. Slap some war paint on them, on their gear. Upgrade their armor and gear. Weapon-swap clubs or daggers for large nasty-looking well-made serrated swords or spears. Add shields. Go evil-looking, gore-covered and rusty. You need to overpower the inherent cuteness of being small with the impression of small-but-powerful-and-oh-god-is-that-a-severed-hand-it's-eating...


 For an orc, play up the stupidity of it's expression and shabbiness of it's equipment. Rather than go with a dark green or grey skin, go light green or mix in a hint of something more fanciful like orange. Downgrade equipment. Rust everything, use clashing colors and lots of dirt. Weapon-swap swords for clubs and take notches out of shields. Go comical rather than dark or evil-looking. Do whatever you can to downplay any of the aspects of the mini that seem menacing.

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Since when are non-GW/non-PP Goblins green?


DnD SRD says (emphasis mine):


A goblin stands 3 to 3-1/2 feet tall and weigh 40 to 45 pounds. Its eyes are usually dull and glazed, varying in color from red to yellow. A goblin’s skin color ranges from yellow through any shade of orange to a deep red; usually all members of a single tribe are about the same color. Goblins wear clothing of dark leather, tending toward drab, soiled-looking colors. Goblins speak Goblin; those with Intelligence scores of 12 or higher also speak Common.


Hell, even Buglips is tangerine.

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My orcs are rust coloured. Right now so are my goblins, but I think I'm going to switch to making goblins dusty grey-green and yellow.


To answer your question, choose models that look right and fluff them to the players. Personally I think the gw giant gaping head style orc makes a better goblinoid, and the reaper non pathfinder goblins can be perfectly good miniorcs

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Honestly, I'd say you can't distinguish orcs from goblins by color at all. The stereotypical color is green, but as others have said, I think there's a lot of variety, especially so for goblins.

To me, the difference between orcs and goblins has much more to do with physical differences besides color. For example, I think of orcs as having more of a stubby snout, whereas goblins have large (even comically large) noses. Similarly, orc ears are pointed, but relatively human-sized, but goblins ears are "over-sized" relatively speaking. Orcs are generally muscular meatsacks, while goblins are thin-limbed and possibly pot-bellied. I think going from an orc to large goblin could be done fairly readily with some greenstuff. I like a lot of Mad Jack's suggestions as well.

Either way, I think it'll take more than paint to convince an orc it's a gobbo :D

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Great suggestions, that really helps. Thanks. I'm going to give it a good try, most of my painting is all pretty much experimental anyway.


I need to go look up some goblin pictures where the goblins are not green. For some reason I'm having a hard time picturing it.

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at the moment I just have all my orks painted with dark elf triad they are the .. Darkorks


My gobbos are green skinned at the moment

. I'm thinking of making my orks have different skin colours for tribes like purple or orange but maybe I'll do it with my gobbos as the above post. Hmmmm

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      S, since I nly have 4 Orc archers, 1 Xvart wizard, and 1 Duskwarden and here dog going into prep, I needed to add this too....😵
      Anyone have a good name for him?
      and mybe some color ideas?, remembering his skin will be orange....
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      So I found these guys at the last NEMPA paint day a I attended a few years back, and decided to paint them up...
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      So awhile back I was horrified to discover that some old un-finished minis had sprouted a strange orange mold. I gave them a deep clean and seemed to have solved the issue (spoiler: I did not and it's affecting nearly all my minis... but that's a problem for another time).

      As a reward for enduring the cleaning, these goblins deserved to finally get painted.

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      It's nice to finally have some painted goblins. Though my bag full of 50+ more unpainted goblins still taunts me.  I have plans to paint them in a few different shades from the yellow-green used here, to a fleshy yellow-tan, to a pale fleshy-grey.  Hopefully that'll break up the duplicates and add some variety.  But that's a future project.
      After painting all these guys up I am tempted to finish the set with the Goblin Honor Guard.  They're the only ones I don't have. I can't see myself getting much use out of them, as they're a bit more situational or decorative than practical. But my completionist brain says I need them.

      Reaper has so many incredible and different goblin sculpts.  Which ones are your favorites?
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      This is the bones version of 3761, and I think it has not made it into the store yet.  I painted it like a big orc, or like the title says, half-ogre/half-orc.  I don't normally paint blood, but this guy needed a little extra to emphasize how mean he is. 

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      This fellow has been lurking at the bottom of a drawer or box for over 30 years.... I finally painted him up. It was actually a bit irritating somehow... I guess that's why he sat in nothing more than a coat of primer and a red shield for so long! Not sure the maker, maybe citadel? He is on a metal part for the slot base that helpfully says 'orc'. All this time later, I love him just for nostalgia and remembering my dad painting up all those orcs... and we never used the minis in play!

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