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Ral Partha Checkmate Dragon

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I wanted my dragon head to have a biiiit more personality, so I adjusted the jaw when gluing it, making it hang open wider. I also had the horns point directly back rather than straight up like antennae...because that's always bothered me about this mini.


it's shown here propped up on other minis to make sure the green stuff sets properly

That poor, poor wolfie!






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Iḿ nowhere near as good as you in painting Dragons.

 But maybe seeing mine painted can show you where the quirks are.




Edit:  One of my mistakes was assembling the dragonÅ› right arm before painting.

It was hard to get to the treasure then.


Also the wings are a pain..I used greenstuff and superglue. Since he was for display i didn't pin.. not so much handling.

But they came off twice,. had to support them.


So thatÅ› also a thingy.


Good luck.I'm sure yours will outshine mine soon..

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