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2015-16 Reaper Fantasy Football League


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Russell F'ing Wilson!!!  That's how.


And Randy, don't feel bad about your bench.  You should see the insanity of the

Pillagers vs Mystery Men game.

81 - 94


Their benches were

114 - 105


Which is just freaking insane, especially when you consider the MM's bench did it with 2 guys not even playing due to injury.

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I wasn't sure if Big Ben was truly 'back' so benched him and his target man.


I picked up Kirk Cousins on waivers a few weeks ago, and at the time I had a reason, but come Sunday I'd forgotten and he's sat on the bench since. I think it was because Cutler had an injury scare and Ben was still on his comeback so I needed cover for Palmer.

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Well I managed to slip into the playoffs as the #8 seed, sorry about that Stefan. And while I sucked against everyone else I did manage to go 3-0 in my own division, but then I did get to play the Muffin Isle Muffins twice this season. And in the last game he still didn't replace one of his receivers who was listed as Out for the games.

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So I prob say we are all in agreement Muffin is out for next year. I'm sure Brian will agree.


All I can say is thank you Gronk for going down with a injury.  I knew how good of a TE or at least a reliable TE Chandler is from being on my team when he was with the Bills. Other then Witten's Game 1 performance, he stunk! Just nice to see production from the TE spot.


Once again, Qwyk & I are opponents! Pretty sure with us being division rivals we played 3 times last year as well.


Good luck everyone & may the best odds be in my favor!

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