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2015-16 Reaper Fantasy Football League

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I'm thinking that we just do the same as last year and go with the Saturday before real games start. That would be Saturday, September 5th and we started last time at 11am Central TIme.

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Oops, I actually meant Saturday the 5th. I think that's when we traditionally do this. I looked at the calendar wrong because ESPN does their draft calendar with the week starting on Monday and it threw me all off!


Edited the above post to reflect this.

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Yah I need the keeper list as well. I know McCoy will be dumped as he costs way to much for me now. I remember using all my points last year as well. So 0 pt carry over.

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Ok from the looks of it I will be keeping:

Tony Romo (sigh) 2 points

Demarco Murray 2 points

Brandon Marshal 2 points

Jimmy Graham 1 point

Jeremy Maclin 1 point


I could change this list but I will be on vacation in a couple of weeks and want to be proactive about it.

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