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2015-16 Reaper Fantasy Football League


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Could we move the start time up 30 minutes? I have to drop my car off at the dealership for repairs at 9:30 and its unlikely I'll be ready to go at 10 Mountain Time


Now I see some posts on start time that I missed completely. So that was suppose to be at 11am Eastern time, which means I'll be on the road to the dealership. Not sure what to do at this point. I don't really want someone to be drafting for me. Let me see if I can change the time on my car.

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I am fine with a later start to accommodate Kris.  But he has to pick Jordy Nelson in the first round.   :poke:




Stefan, my brother is setting up an account and is going to drop me a text tonight with the email address he used and his user name so he can be added to the league.  He will try to set up his draft list tonight, or will have me draft for him since his ball and chain said he has plans now tomorrow.


Is there anything else you will need to get him going?

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