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2015-16 Reaper Fantasy Football League


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We know you were excited but was the crowd? I caught a little of the game when I got home yesterday morning & it just felt like the stadium was dead quite for that game.


Sigh, gotta love Game days like yesterday.....


I feel like RB spot is a curse for me this year..

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Squish the Fish!


But Dolphins aren't fish they're mammals!


Shut up Michael and just chant along with the rest of New England!


But Dad!


Michael, let it go, for the love of God!


Dolphins aren't Fish!  Maul the Mammals!  See, that works.

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Yeah, the issue is no one knows how to support for a NFL game, in the UK it's all about singing but there aren't any songs to sing. At times it was more a Jets game than Fins because that J E T S chant is so easy to coordinate. Whereas all that ever came up on the screens for the Fins was 'make some noise'.


Best 'Home game' features at Wembley's have been the Falcons where they had Samuel L Jackson giving constant instructions. And Jacksonville where the Mascot was explaining what to do. We kind of need better explanations :) otherwise we'll cheer everything as most are neutral.


Next game is Bills Jaguars and then I get to see your Chiefs Stefan, in what should be the closest matchup against the Lions.


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