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Box of Goodwill (EU/UK Version) - Interest Threadz

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Isn't Beagle in the UK? Maybe send him a PM?

Beagle likes elves. Put elves in the box and you'll likely gain his interest.


Dwarves are verboten however.


The mere mention of a new Dwarven kickstarter has been known to send Beagle into a sarcastic frenzy.

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As we now have 5 people in the UK/EU area that have showed interest what are people preferences for item?


I am happy to start the box off and send it out, but to who first? Some of us have probably been playing/ collecting minatures for quite a while so can add a fair few items to the box to start it. Would it be a good idea to order it in this way to get more items in to give our less fortunate people a good selection of goodwill to choose from?


At the same time we can always send it out in one rotation and then back again the other way if people are keen?



As a starter what do people not want to see in the box?


Are we sticking to 28mm only?

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I actually have many minis, some are vintage, Some are small some are huge.

So name your poison I just might have it for you.


I prefer metal mini's I also have lots of Bones already.

My favorites are Evil minis, so Undead, Chaos, Barbarians, Drow, Reptiles etc etc...

And Female fighters.


Not a big fan of Dwarfs or Elves. Give or take the exception to the rule.

I collect 28mm, 54mm and bigger, Busts are great too.


You guys will have to help me out  how it works exactly ( shipping times, fees, weight etc?)

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I also am a fan of metal metal miniatures, I am quite happy with any sort of genre, I currently have a collection of 28mm and15mm models. I'm happy to add any items to he box, quite a lot old GW stuff from the nineties.


My understanding of the box of goodwill is as follows.


One us (We need to decide who) puts together a box and posts it to someone who looks in the box selects items they want, adds more to it and then posts it on to the next person. The plan is to have some space in the box to allow people to add and take items. The box goes to everyone in order and the goes back to the original person. The idea is that if successful we can do it regularly and keep the items in the box from the previous round so everyone gets a good look in.


If there is no room to add any items you need to take more out.


In terms of a box size we need to keep the box at below 5 kg so the cost of posting isn't too steep. I was thinking of a box smaller then a standard show box.


Does that make sense?

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Having a quick look at the Royal Mail website we may need to consider the weight:


2kg Option


Royal Mail

Signed For® 1st Class

More details

1 day delivery Up to £50 for loss or damage Proof of Delivery



Royal Mail

Signed For® 2nd Class

More details

3 days delivery aim Up to £50 for loss or damage Proof of Delivery



Parcel force worldwide

International 48hrs

£11.99. Tracked.




1st class signed for £16.95 not signed for £15.85


2nd class signed for £14.85 not signed for £13.75


Parcel Force worldwide

International 48hr



The conclusion is from looking at this that :

A) Royal Mail is expensive!!

B) We need to keep the box under 2kg so anyone in the UK needs to take out enough or put in enough to maintain the weight.


I am willing to post it over to Holland, but Xherman I don't know what it would cost you to send back.

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The way we did it in the Colonies was to use our Flat Rate Postal Service boxes, which can go up to 70lbs and still cost the same, but you guys overseas have to worry more about the weight of the boxes. I'd suggest nothing bigger than a standard "large" figure for gaming (54mm) and if you toss one in, take 2 small (28-32mm) out to keep about equal weight.


We set up an order of who'd get the boxes:

  • There is a starter who "seeds" the box with stuff they think others would like that they can't use or don't care for any longer, then sends it out.
  • The next pulls from the box what they like and replaces with an equal number of figures, then mails to the next person in line, you send your address in a PM to the person sending to you ahead of time so that they have it on hand when they are ready to send to you.
  • This continues until it gets to the last person, who then sends it back to the original box sender.
  • It can just keep going around and around as long as your group wishes it to.
  • Some of us (box starters) included a little journal and a group-painted figure for fun, but that wasn't required. 
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Yes, the postal costs are unfortunate.  Under 2kg it is, then.


It seems to me that multiple circuits of the same small handful of people would probably not be very productive.  I was wondering if after the box has been round once we should club together to send it off to North America.  Especially if we could persuade folks over there to do likewise with a box for us.


For my part, I'm not looking for any specific stuff.  I think we should aim for as much variety as possible in the hope that everyone can get something they like.  I have a substantial collection, so I'll probably be adding more than I take.  If no one else want to be a starter I guess I could do it.

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