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Box of Goodwill (EU/UK Version) - Interest Threadz

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Chaos wolf, give me your address. :devil:



Hmmm....waitaminute, my wolfy sense is tingling!


That's a good stash of models from the box of goodwill. We have produced a great exchange box here everyone.

Congrats!! I'm glad it's working out. ^_^


The reason I only took this one, I got the others myself.


Undead, Chaos, reptiles and Female Warriors, Barbarians.. Monsters.. Those are my kinda poison..


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Thes Hunter, on 18 Oct 2015 - 11:50 PM, said:

    I need your address, for... Reasons. :lol:


    Don't make me hunt it down!



She asked me too!!!


I fear for Wolfkind!!


Maybe she wants to become Packleader and glitterkill all other wolves?


*** Hides in shed near to the freezer with a big stash of Bacon to survive the coming events ***

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Have to remember the love of GW demons around here.  I have a bunch of old 40k demons I was planning to make an army about 2nd ed.  then I got distracted and at last count they were sitting in a box at a friends house who wanted to do the same and got distracted...

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GW are pure concentrated evil, you should all be ashamed


When they started out with Citadel minis it was nice, then slowly on the way, they got corrupted by greed,..And now they have released AOS on us.


Time for an exorcism I guess.

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Thes! Awesome picks, very cool stuff in there. 


The box has landed and has been pawed through. Some cool stuff in here! 


Herman, I can't wait to try your tasty treats. I'm super full from lunch so Ima wait til after dinner. I love the postcard. Thank You! 


You're welcome, glad you like it!


See you all in a week..Gotta go to Germany tomorrow,

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