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Box of Goodwill (EU/UK Version) - Interest Threadz

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Hey everyone,


First I want to mention once again what a very cool idea this goodwill box is. There is some really cool stuff in there and I found it hard to make my choice, but I eventually took some cool minis, some bits and some basing stuff.



Here is my selection


post-14632-0-55931800-1462011012_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-76661900-1462011017_thumb.jpg 


post-14632-0-45478400-1462011022_thumb.jpg     post-14632-0-09543300-1462011028_thumb.jpg


Can anyone tell me who made that samurai mini with raised katana? That one and the old lady with cat and raised cane are my 2 favorites from this pick.

Also that non magnetic tweezer will come in very handy with my rare earth magnets. I had a tough time putting those in some of my monsters, but that will be a thing of the past now


I put in a lot of cool stuff too, not as many minis as I took out but I promise everything I put back in is very useful and cool stuff.

My day is already packed with other commitments, so I have no time to paint the groupmini today. I will do that tomorrow and will ship the box to Alchemist on monday



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The Cat Lady is from Reaper, I bought her for the cats. I needed those for my Street Violence diorama, for her I had little use.

So I included her in the box.


I see you got some of my Bones and those Vines I included too.



Nice Haul.

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Nice haul here. Great to see everyone enjoying the process. Once it's back with Alchemist we need to have a think about a third EU round etc or do we want to send across the pond again?


Aren't we forgetting Beagle?


If it is send to Alchemist now?

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Sure, there's room for more UK/EU participants.


I seem to recall one or two of the current people say they were planning to drop out, so we might need to recruit more if we want to have a reasonable number to keep it going.

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