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Box of Goodwill (EU/UK Version) - Interest Threadz

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Nothing good ever came of American/British cross pollination - look at Madonna and Guy Richie. It sounds radical, dangerous and unsophisticated, and I for one won't sit idle and watch this happen. No

No puppies...sorry. Well maybe one or two tiny metal ones. The post office dude looked at me funny when I asked what would be the cheapest way to ship 5-6 lbs to England. He gave me the price for a la

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Parcel arrived to me in Italy Yesterday.

I passed the entire evening searching through that huge pile of miniatures - and hoard indeed!

It took me a lot of thinking to decide which minis I had to take. Here's a pic of my loot:





I also have left a bag of stuff for the next partecipants to choose from (other stuff has been added after I took the pic):


The diary/book in the box has been updated with a list of everything I took from and put into the box.
I think this is a great idea!
Now, who's next? Xherman, if I am right...
Please send me a PM with your address and I will send out the parcel next week.
Many thanks to everyone for letting me join this wonderful Exchange! It was really a lot of fun.



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Nice haul Tosatt Earp!


Looking forward to receiving the box when its my turn!


Your after me...so what do you want with an empty box? :upside:




Ok, just kidding...


Or am I????

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