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Box of Goodwill (EU/UK Version) - Interest Threadz

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Nothing good ever came of American/British cross pollination - look at Madonna and Guy Richie. It sounds radical, dangerous and unsophisticated, and I for one won't sit idle and watch this happen. No

No puppies...sorry. Well maybe one or two tiny metal ones. The post office dude looked at me funny when I asked what would be the cheapest way to ship 5-6 lbs to England. He gave me the price for a la

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Here are a few photos of the items I took from the box. I don't have many D8'sattachicon.gifimage.jpeg



Well, you still don't have many D8s, since what you have there is a bunch of D10s. :lol:

If you actually want some D8s, I can send you some of my "weird" ones (marked 0-7).  Shoot me a PM.

I wondered why my shooting was so good

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I'm glad to see the dwarf and the little dragon found a  new place!


That dragon is a promotional piece from themepark De Efteling in the Netherlands.

Winter edition.

If the dragon will take paint he will be a statue in my Frostgrave terrain.



It's a soft plastic, maybe use a liner like Bones?

Definitely wash it first in a lukewarm soap!

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I thought this box was



Are we getting a box coming back this way? I thought that was the plan, although I don't recall if it was going to go to Edsterdoom or me.

It would going back to you alchemist. If that's ok?


I'm working on the box; PM me the appropriate address.

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isn't it going to a few more US residents?


Different box.  Remember we are swapping boxes, not just sending one.  If the original returns, it won't be until much later.



Ah !


Got it...


Wolfs is Smartz!

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