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Warlord Faction vs Faction Single Elimination League


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Blow the horns and bang the drums!  Time for a something fun!

Wildbill and I are doing a 16 faction, single elimination style league to find out who really is the Best of the Best in Taltos.  The first task was each of us picked 8 factions we liked to build 1,000 point armies for.

Warwick's Factions: Mercs, Necropolis, Crusaders, Koborlas, Elves, Sisters of the Blade, Overlords, and Darkreach

Wildbill's Factions: Dwarves, Kargir, Nefsokar, Reptus, Razig, Icingstead, Darkspawn, and Kragmarr

The other three factions have to be cheerleaders for now.

All battles will take place on the same table, but the starting edges can change per first player's choice of deployment zone.  The scenario is straight up Kill Em All, with a 5 turn limit.  Should be plenty of time to decide a victor by points left on the table.  I'll try to post a pic of the table soon.

Naturally we want the final battle to be Dwarves vs Vampires, the classic match up.  But this is Taltos, and anything can happen.  It might be Elves vs Darkspawn!  Dice and tactics will tell.

Next step is to build 8 armies, some for factions I have never played.  This is going to be epic!  Remember this day!

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No. We make up 16 armies and they have to survive all the way to the end. So I expect one-trick-pony armies to die. I'm building as balanced as I can. Little bit of everything. Maybe more magic in the Overlords. I once had three models that could hurl fireballs. It was a red hot game.



Okay, I see what you mean, Uber. I used a point value system when we picked factions. If two factions created by the same player have to battle, the other player must general the lesser number. Could mean I play some of his factions. I'll have to research tactics for those armies. I don't want to be a pushover!



For example, my Mercs are my number 1 army. If they ever face off against an army of my original design, Wildbill plays that other army. The only army I am sure I will always play is Mercs.

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Haha!! This tournament is going to be epic. I am very excited to begin working on army lists today for my 8 factions of choice (yes, while I am at work...LOL!). I am not going to be creating one-trick pony armies. I plan on making the best "all comers" list for each faction that I can. Like Warwick, I have factions in my list that I have never played with, much less created army lists for. So I will have to spend lots of quality time reading their datacards, Faction Abilities etc.


Stayed tuned! When we get the first round figured out, and the website up and running, once of will let you all know so you can follow the action!


Wild Bill  :blues:

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I'm game if you are; our biggest obstacle will be scheduling enough time to play in a timely manner. It's going to take 15 games to weed out a winner if we work from a field of 16, and we rarely get in more than 2 games. That's 8 days of play; even once a month ain't gonna cut it, unless we want to crown our victor in April or May of next year.


Still, it would give us a reason to get together and play... :;):



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Wildger, the lists do not change. Maybe next big event we can have an experience system or something like that. Maybe we can develop a campaign. That's another thread.



Wolflord, I'm a big fan of the Koborlas. Alas, I am not a very good general of Koborlas. I love the models and the play style. They always lose against Wildbill. Just bad luck, I hope. Because luck can change.

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Wolflord, I'm a big fan of the Koborlas.  Alas, I am not a very good general of Koborlas.  I love the models and the play style.  They always lose against Wildbill.  Just bad luck, I hope.  Because luck can change.


No, its not luck. I beta tested them to death and IMO they were definitely one of the weaker factions. They are kind of a one-dimensional army that can be figured out in a few games.


There were guys here in Ohio that were considered to be some of best Korborlas around, but even those guys never dominated with them.


On a different note we did something like this a few years ago during March Madness. Four of us each had 16 factions, I think we left out the Wolves, Mercs and Gnomes. Then we did an NCAA inspired bracket. The final four were Dwarves, Reven, Darkreach and Razig. The final two were my Reven and the pirates which slaughtered my orcs without breaking a sweat.

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