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Warlord Faction vs Faction Single Elimination League


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Pirates won the day?! Wow, that's interesting. I expected Dwarves because they are powerhouses. But smelly.

A lot depends on who I get paired with my Koborlas. That's going to be luck of the draw.

I love those Koborlas. I want to go paint now, dammit. Stuck at work again.



I don't mind them being a weaker army. Almost everything in Warlord is balanced. I've enjoyed every game with them, even if I've never won. Too bad Wildbill picked the Reptus before me. I have a cool snake army that I know can't win, but it's fun to play. Mercs and Vampires are my powerhouse armies.

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Pirates won the day?!  Wow, that's interesting.  I expected Dwarves because they are powerhouses.  But smelly.

A lot depends on who I get paired with my Koborlas.  That's going to be luck of the draw.

I love those Koborlas.  I want to go paint now, dammit.  Stuck at work again.


Dwarves probably did best overall. I think my friend still has the bracket. I'll check and see.

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Soul cannon batteries were particularly nasty if used properly, with defensive forces.


I got delayed by a spell or hold or something and the cannons and marines just crushed stuff. But they have some really nasty melee models as well.

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Four armies done.  And I have to tell you, Elves are looking pretty tough.  I have pity on the poor army that goes against them the first time.  I'm hoping Dwarves!  The classic battle of Tolkien fantasy grudge bearing.  The sweet sound of bow strings and Dwarf screams.

Tonight I'll try to hammer out the last four.  I saved my favorites for last because I already have a bunch of lists at home to glance through before building a final list for each.  GO MERCS!

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In our bracket of 16, the Gnomes, Reven and Tembrithil were not chosen by either Warwick or myself. But this Thursday we plan on determining the first round picks. This is super exciting and is coming together nicely!


Wild Bill  :blues:


That's great. My friend has his old bracket I'm excited to see how it compares to your final results.

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Haha! Tonight is the night! Warwick and I will spend time reviewing each other's lists to ensure we didn't accidentally make them illegal. That would be horrible to find that out in like Round 3 or something. Plus it will provide us an opportunity to explain the thoughts behind the creation as it relates to the relavent Faction Doctrine. Then we will fill out our 16 faction bracket to determine who plays who. This is going to be epic!! :wub:


Wild Bill :blues:

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You should make sure that the various races with two factions are on opposite sides of the 16, just so they would never meet, except in a finals.






What would make it really interesting, is if you did it as a regular tourney, where your forces were reconstituted each round, but then, you did a survivor tournament.  Each army advances with whatever it had left at the end of the 5 turns.  Only surviving troops move to the next round.  Models with wounds keep them.  Casters carry over remaining spell points, etc.

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Last night Warwick and I got together to perform all of the pre-tournament duties. First up was to review all 16 army lists that we created. As each one ticked off, wow, some of them are going to be really bass tards to face.  :devil:


We were also checking each list to ensure one of us didn't accidentally take 40 point soldier models with a 25 point sergeant. That sort of thing. Thankfully, none of those problems existed so we could "oooo" and "ahhhh" appropriately over all of the lists.  ::):


Then we decided that we do a random draw to determine who plays who in the first round. We also decided that each match up would be one of my factions versus one of his factions. After that, it did not matter.  :poke:


Back when we started this, we took turns delcaring which faction was ours until we both had 8 factions each. So, we took those factions in declared order and assigned a playing card to each one. For example, my first faction chosen was Dwarves so they were given the Ace. Then the section was Kargir and they were a 2. And so on and so forth.  ::):


Let me tell you what, the matchups that were randomly drawn this way were epic. Qwik, we did not choose either the Reven or the Tembrethil so there were no worries about them being paired on the same sides. However, we decided that we were just going to let the chips fall where they may. We structured our bracket like one of those March Madness college basketball brackets. 8 teams on each side of the bracket, working their way towards the middel. Since I can't recreate it here, I will attempt to just tell you what is up.


On the left side of the bracket, we have the following match-ups, in order, from top to bottom. The winner of the first match listed faces the winner of the second match listed. The winner of the third match faces the winner of the fourth. Then those two respective winners face off to see who goes into the finals. The right hand side of the bracket operates the same way. Hopefully that made sense to everyone. :lol:


Left side:

Match-up #1: Reven vs Sisters

Match-up #2: Dwarves vs Elves

Match-up #3: Nefsokar vs Crusaders

Match-up #4: Icingstead vs Korbolas


Here is the right side of the bracket.


Right side:

Match-up #1: Razig vs Overlords

Match-up #2: Kragmarr vs Necropolis

Match-up #3: Darkspawn vs Darkreach

Match-up #4: Kargir vs Mercs


Of course, being a March Madness style bracket, we sat there and independently chose who thought would win each match and ultimately make ito the finals and then who was the ultimate champion. Obviously with the first 8 matches there were some duplicate choics. There were also some surprises from both of us. And there were even bigger surprises as to who we chose as our picks for the final 2 and the ultimate winners. And no, none of our choices matched. And no, we will not tell what they were. :devil:


This is all we will tell you. We will not show you any of the army lists that we have chosen until the battle report that we will post following the battle. But still...you all know these factions. What are your odds on favorites based upon what you know of the factions and our playstyles etc? But, remember, sometimes the Dice Gawds enjoy toying with us. So we may have the most epic of all epic armies designed for your faction of choice but if I can't roll above a 3 that night, they will lose. But that is why we are playing this tournament!  ::D:


Wild Bill :blues:

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