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Warlord Faction vs Faction Single Elimination League


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All of the match ups look good, they could go either way. But here are my picks. Please be aware I only get to play once or twice a year, and I'm not very good anyway. 


Left Side

Match up 1: I think this match will be one of the closest, but I choose the sisters because luck stone generating can be very powerful. Interestingly both of these factions "flavor" is defensive centric.


Match up 2: Dwarves are right bastards and I don't think the elves stand a chance.


Match up 3: Dust people seem to have more variety in the armies they can build, but the tin cans are tougher. I put the edge toward Nefsokar.


Match up 4: If Icingstead can avoid being swarmed (swarmed is used very relatively here) they can pull out the win. Again a match up with the two armies having the same "flavor" of mainly large based models.


Round 2 pull put Sister vs Dwarves. The sisters are my #2 army and as much as I love them, I think the Dwarves eke out a bloody win.


Round 2 match 2 sees Nefsokar vs Icingstead. I think in this match Icingstead needs to use terrain to avoid getting swarmed, but I think Nefsokar faction abilities put them on top.


Round 3 Dwarves vs Nefsokar. Another tough fight that could go either way. I think the toughness of the Dwarves pulls them through though.



Right Side

Match up 1: If there is a faction custom built to stop Razigs guns Overlords are it. I see them pulling out this win.


Match up 2: This would be a fun battle to watch. I think the slightly higher magic defense of the Necropolis neutralized the Runeweapon SA and they pull out the win.


Match up 3: Darkspawn is my #1 army and it pains me to say this, but Darkreach wins this. Darkspawn seem to have one really effective build type (no not the daisy chain) and Darkreach counter that build.


Match up 4: 2 factions I don't know much about, but I think Kargir wins this one. Sorry Warwick.


Round 2 Overlords vs Necropolis. Necropolis puts up a good fight but loses out to the slavers.


Round 2 match 2 Darkreach vs Kargir. Darkreach faction and warlord abilities put them over the top.


Round 3 Overlords vs Darkreach. This would probably be a closer fight than I think it would be, but Overlords win.


Final: Dwarves vs Overlords. A very close fight but I think the Overlords take the final battle.




I think this may be my longest post I've ever written.

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Qwyk, that's very interesting.  What about units without leaders?  Just let them fight as usual?

They continue to fight on with their initiative card, unless they have been regrouped by another troop.  It's just one long slog through the mud of battle.

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