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Westwind Minatures - EotD Victorian Lady

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Here is another of the ongoing set of Victorian characters for Empire of the Dead by Westwind Minatures.

This has been painted to a good tabletop standard. I have forced myself to speed up a bit as I need to get more finshed for a game.




As always comments welcome.

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The green has a nice depth that's reminiscent of velvet - like Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'hara wearing the dress made from the drapes.  Which reminded me of Carol Burnett doing the same thing more memorably.  It's best to keep two hands on a pepperbox - they had a nasty habit of occasionally firing more than one cylinder (chain firing).

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      I decided to paint her with a pretty black face.


      Here's a close-up of her face. There are tiny white points which are microscopic unpainted pits in the figure. They are much smaller irl than they show up in the photographs. I am slowly (maddeningly) working to fill them in as I go.

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         I say!

      P.S. Tally ho!
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