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Which is your favorite Reaper dragon and why?


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Abyzarran was the first dragon I purchased and I still hold that one in very high regard.  The fact that I painted him for the annual contest in 2013 really hits that home.  I really like that one.  Sinewy but well-armored and protected.


In Bones, I have to say the Pathfinder Red makes me happy.  So easy to put paint on the thing. 


Sadly, there's a 5-headed dragon that will be taking the top spot once I figure out how I will paint it...  much like some others here.

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If ever I get too use him in a game, I will give the PCs reason to fear him long e'er they meet him. (I am think about having their home base destroyed while they are off on their first adventure... nothing like just hitting second level and discovering that there is an Ancient Blue Wyrm in the region... with the smoking ruins of a town to prove it. Before you even get to sell your loot.)


The Auld Grump

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Had a much longer post eaten by public WiFi...grr.


Narthrax is my hands-on favorite. Dynamic sculpt that could work well as any of the ten.major dragon types.


Desert dragon is a runner-up. I'm really looking forward to painting it...my plan will be a lot of fun to execute.


Also I like the Shadow Dragon, as it makes a good Khisanth.

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Not sure yet...

I have the Dragon from DDS 2, Really like it, not sure what color to paint him.

Just Picked up Guath a couple weeks ago...

All the dragons from KS 3 (except diabolis) are coming....

I have the AD&D Black Dragon that I really like,

I have 5 of Grenadier's Dragon of the month minis...

And I am on again, off again, working on Takhesis....

Would love to find Deathsleet in metal (Have a Reaper catalog that lists it at $25....)

Wyrmgear is awesome too!


I guess I like them all!





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