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Updated CAV:SO Construction Program Information


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I just downloaded the Force Manager software and there are a bunch of files missing when it runs. 


  • Weapon.dat
  • SA.dat
  • Upgrades.dat
  • support.dat
  • factions.dat
  • generation.dat

I'm also getting an error:  
"can't open file 'data\icon\CAVFM.ico' (error 0: the operation completed successfully.)
Failed to load image from file "data\icon\CAVFM.ico"."

I'm hoping it's as simple as some files missing from the ZIP archive.


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I've checked the .zip file from http://talon-games.com/downloads/CP/CAVFMv1122.zip and confirmed all the files are present and in the proper folders... I don't know how it could have extracted without also extracting those files.


You can open up the .zip file you have and see if those files are in the data folder. Maybe the sub folders didn't extract? Or you can download the .zip again and open it and make sure you're getting a proper transfer, though if it was broken, you shouldn't be able to open it at all.


Anyway, confirm whether the files are present in the archive, then we can see about either making sure you get the proper archive or figure out why it's not extracting properly...

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OK, I had someone ask about a brief "Walk-through" on the CAVFM program to get started so here we go...



After extracting the files onto your computer, go into the main file and double-click on CAVFM.exe and once it has opened we can start with out first squad.

1. Type in the Force Name (here I'm just calling it TERRAN), you can use anything to ID it with.

2. Select Faction, we are going with a Terran one.

3. Under TVP type in the TOTAL points you want to use for your entire Force Group. I'm just going to make the one squad, so I put in "2500." Notice how it breaks that up to the right. These numbers matter if you are playing with "Upgrades," if you are not ignore them. It takes 10% away from your overall TVP (Flexible) to show you what you can use out of your 2500 points if you want, these can still be used to purchase models with. The "Bonus" is in addition and can ONLY be used for Upgrades.

4. I select "Primary" to start with (that's all I can select now anyway since I haven't made any other primary squads). Then from the drop down I select "Attack."

5. I click on "Add," and that puts the first squad entry in at (6).




1. Next up, go over to the tabs at (1) and select "Units." This will bring up the list of eligible models (3) and I can turn on/off options at (2) to filter out units.

2. Filter Options.

3. Model List: I double-click the Archer to add it to my Unit list at (4). It deducts the model's TV from my TVP total (5), leaving me "1817" (remainder TVP and Flexible amount).




1. If I select the Archer by clicking on it, you will see it lists all of the model's data below at (2) so you can see what it has. If you want to remove it, just double-click it. Repeat the process until you have the squad you want. If it's not a "legal" squad for play, it will "tell" you!


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