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Thanks, Xherman, Cash, ub3r, and Drifter!


I finished up work on the pattern. Here's the basic step by step for how I did it. First you've got to figure out the pattern you want. In this case I took the design from the nose guard of the Coppergate helmet (the artifact which was the basis for this figure's helmet). I then broke the design down into simpler parts so I could build it up piece by piece on the figure (helping me create a uniform looking design). On the figure I began with the top and bottom borders of the design. I placed marks on a toothpick to use as a measuring device so I could check the height and keep it consistent all the way around the figure. Using that same technique, I then placed guide dots where I wanted key points of the design to be. This will go a long way in helping me keep the spacing of the design the same as it winds its way around the figure.
After that I could start on the actual design. Again, I'm doing this just one piece at a time to make it easier to keep a consistent look. First I add a series of sideways v's all along the tunic. Then I wrap over the ends to form to leave-like shapes. I extend the base of the v's to form more of an 'x' and take those lines into the neighboring leaf shapes. Finally I create the outside loops connecting the 'x' to the leaf shapes. With the design complete I then apply some glazes to reinforce the shadows and tie the look together.
The design was based on this
With the design complete, I then did the leather strap and belt. Following that I attached the bulk of his accessories. At this point they are just base coated. Those will be the next pieces I focus on.
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Really excellent work! I'm super inspire to get back to my TMM painting and the freehand, oh the freehand. Thank you for explaining so thoroughly how you piecemeal-ed it, very helpful and I shall be attempting the same on my next miniature.

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Thanks, Arc and Cash.  Cash, yeah, it took quite a few attempts at drawing that pattern on paper before it finally looked right.  The shield is up next and I'll probably run through a dozen versions on paper before I'm finally ready to get started on the figure.

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Well, I've been a little lax in updating here.  Since last time I worked on the pants.  I wanted to stick with the blue, dull brown, and grey color scheme... but still have them be different from the other shades.  So I mixed together a 50/25/25 mix of Basic Dirt, Dark Elf Skin, and Heather Blue.  To shade I used 50/50 Brown Liner and Ritterlich Blue and to highlight it was 50/50 Vampiric Skin and Dark Elf Highlight (with a touch of basic dirt mixed in).  It produced an interesting shade of brown-grey that I think I'll use again.  Plus, be reusing paints from other parts of the figure, it helps tie everything together.




From there I added the war horn and went to work on the shield.  I began but shading and highlighting the alternating blue background.  I'm now working to paint a design over top of it.  Once section is finished as a test, now I'll move on to the others.  Once that is finished, I'll go back in and add the chipping and weathering to the shield.  The whole figure will get some weathering as well and then I'll finish off the base.  There's still a few more days worth of work but he's almost finished!



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