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Does anyone know what that gunk is?  It's green with little shiny bits in it.  It looks organic.  This was out of a Bones 2 bag one of my gamer friends opened for the first time this evening.


Never seen anything like it before.  Creepy.

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 Actually, it might be either mold release from the injection process, grease or a combination of both... Possibly accidentally dropped on the floor during production - I did some injection-molding on one of my previous jobs, used to see stuff like that sometimes. In any event, should scrape right off.

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On a more serious note, I've had similar inclusions.  The figures are injection-molded from a hopper full of PVC pellets.  Stuff can get in the hopper that isn't pellets, and it often doesn't react well to going through the heated extruder.  Lint, bits of vegetation, bugs, etc.  A clogged extruder nozzle could also result in burnt crunchy bits.  If it doesn't scratch away with a thumbnail it will paint up just fine.

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 Yeah, looking at it again, it's probably something that either went through the extruder or got stuck to it and accidentally pushed into the mold. If it doesn't pop right off, cut off enough of it so that it's not messing up the detail, slap some brush-on sealer over it and paint it just like it was the rest of the mini.

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